Author: Agata Tuszynska talks about her book, Vera Gran: The Accused

Agata Tuszynska

To purchase a copy of the book:

Vera Gran: The Accused

6:30 p.m.
Harold Washington Library Center
400 S. State Street

For more information:

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  • Reader Greenpoint

    Sorry, but in the movie "The Pianist" there is no scenes from "Sztuka" (where Gran performed) but "Nowoczesna". Different place. Szpilman was famous pianist before the war and after the war he wrote hunderts of hits and played almost 2000 classical concerts world wide. That is why he was popular. Polanski met him in LA in 1967 during Szpilmans US tour with his "The Warsaw Piano Quintett". Who remembers today even famous in the 40`s US singer? Every day talented people will be discovered in the TV shows. Gran was good in the get to. Later even was not recognized after her self paid Carnegie Hall concert! Sorry! This book is wired and BORING! 1000 names persecuting Gran! sorry! Namesdropping!


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