Teacher suspended after writing controversial statement on chalkboard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A teacher in Lake Station, Ind., was suspended after writing a controversial statement on his chalkboard on last week.

The teacher, who is not named because he has not been charged with a crime, wrote “Period 6 only…
A) You are idiots B) The guns are loaded. C) Care to try me?” on his chalkboard Friday morning.

“The teacher did admit that he wrote those items are the chalkboard,” said Dan Dehaven, Lake Station Schools Supt. “He’d been absent two days prior and he was reacting to some comments that were made by the substitute teacher.”

Dehaven says the business teacher, who’s worked at the school for nearly 30 years, was suspended and asked to the leave within two hours of a student posting the picture of Facebook Friday.

Now, Lake Station police are interviewing his students and school staff.

“We’re not saying there is, in fact, a threat,” said Chief Kevin Garber of the Lake Station Police.  “That’s what we’re determining by interviewing the students and  staff, to see if this was directed at one or a certain group of kids and if the comments were in fact a threat. “

Police plan on presenting their evidence to prosecutors in the next day or two.  Then a decision on charges will be made.  Felony intimidation charges are a possibility.

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  • kirby1414

    People have lost their common sense…In light of all that's going on in the world – -Couldn't this idiot have THOUGHT for a few minutes before posting that on the board??? No matter how upset he is – at who he's upset with – THINK – – – Before you risk your career and what goes with it. Lack of judgement is going to put him in a very bad place – – and justifiably so!

  • No Mercy

    So the guy had a bad day – I'm sure you've all had one of those where you're just fed up and did things you wish you hadn't. Give him a break, jesus fucking christ.

    • kirby1414

      Yes – we have all had 'bad days' – – But, when you are an adult and in a position such a teacher – YOU NEED TO THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

      • Martin

        You can't tell me theres never been a time in your life where you didn't think about somethinging before you said or did it

  • carol

    What the hells going on in this society?Kids are unruly and get by with it all…We need to go back to spanking these kids maybe they would behave and act like normal children like back in the day when i grew up…Im sure with the teacher being off for 2 days the children acted up with a sub..Thats a no brainer..Give the guy a break…

  • Veronica

    How do we know these statements where not made to the sub teacher? Maybe it was more of a question to the students. There are 3 sides to every story, his, theirs, and the truth.

  • Martin

    Lake Station will lose a devoted teacher if they fire him. He may be a man who speaks his mind but he began teaching at a time when that was normal. I'm sure all of you have a parent thats the same way. Its sad to see something like this blown so out of proportion. We live in a world where there is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore. All I'm saying is take a step back and think about the worst thing you've ever said to someone and ask yourself what would have happened if you wouldn't have recieved a second chance.

  • Angela

    I'm sure these kids were definitely out of line. They could use some smart ass comments too, but the gun thing is over the line. He must of lost his head. He needs to retire. He must of had years of abuse and possibly given his classes years of abuse. It was an unhealthy relationship, him as a teacher and disrespectful students.

  • Carole

    My guess is the teacher was repeating back something the students said to the sub. Not a good idea, but should be up in context.

  • Trish

    I agree the angry mob wants to lynch him but they dont deal with the little darlings he does all day. My guess they are the same people who say "not my Johny, he is a good boy"……while Johny is selling dope, raping the neighbor and threating his teacher.

  • menka

    I have had him as a teacher and this man is truly A GREAT TEACHER, he may have made a mistake but comeon people lets get the real facts out TEENS THESE DAYS DONT KNOW HOW TO RESPECT!!! Now a days teens get away with everything and the school can not say a word,! 100 percent behind you Mr. K!!!!!

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  • Plmr

    And we want to arm teachers…threat or no threat, "loaded" implications, looks like a bunch of students weren making poor choices the days prior with the sub and is evident with a student photographing the board, whatif the teachermhad lost it and had a gun, now that would have been a real threat to the 6th grade class indeed…what if the business teacher was discussing social justice, law and crime in a vusiness setting the do have criminal justice at many high schools and a teacher might but a multiple choice question on the board in the hopes of moving students into higher thinking skills…who knows, …but more violence is not the answere as spanking was sugested…btw texas re-instated that procedure in schools, how are we teaching student to use their words to express feelings of anger, etc with instructors reverting to corpal pinishment?