U.S. Rep. Gutierrez targets “junk guns”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With the gun debate focused so much on assault weapons,  U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) has his sites set on “junk guns.”

The Chicago democrat is introducing legislation that would set federal standards for handguns made in the United States.

Imported handguns must meet guidelines spelled out in the 1968 Gun Control Act, but domestic-made handguns are exempt and regulated by individual states.

Gutierrez says a lack of uniformity in the laws leads to handguns that are poorly-made, cheap, easy to conceal and can misfire.

He says 60 percent of handguns in Illinois come from other states.

He also notes that 97 percent of guns used in Chicago murders in 2011 were handguns.

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    • MadDog

      He does have this info but will not release it bcz it does NOT make his BS POINT. Did U notice he does not try 2 define "Junk Guns." Perhaps, JUNK GUNS are alll guns that the President wants 2 ban!?????

  • Ryan W

    Gosh, just think how much safer Chicagoans will be with an assault-rifle ban in place since handguns are used to commit 97% of the muders here!

  • arubatom

    Ryan W. you hit the nail right on the head. Not only that, but even if a limit is put on a so-called assault rifle magazine, that will not help. So they limit it to ten rounds or whatever "they" come up with…..all a determined person needs to do is tape two offsetting magazines together, just like what was done in Vietnam by our troops. Where is all the news about better mental health screening and care…that's a huge part of any equation when talking about homicides.

  • kirby1414

    Until someone gets a handle on straw buyers – gun control will not be effective. These gangsters don't go to the gun shop and buy a gun – – they get someone with a clean record to buy it -or they buy it off the street. They can sign any number of bills – – do whatever they have planned – but until someone finds a way to control the straw buyers and the on the street buying – this problem will continue to out of control.
    (Just my opinion)

  • pagan69

    How about a bill makng it a criminal offense to be a thug with a gun who robs and kils? Get the criminals under control!

  • Sooneen

    Right on cue. The sheep for the gun manufacturers are all over this article. You morons are becoming way too predictable!

  • Geezer 1948

    We only got a quick glimpse of the handguns on his chart, but I clearly saw a Smith&Wesson on there. I really hope they (S&W) sue him for classifying one of their fine guns as "junk."

  • beastlyburden

    Smiths are not junk!
    Most of those cost more than most monthly mortgage payments!
    The cheapest one I saw (bought legally) was an $850 "pea shooter" .22 pocket pistol!
    That is not including tax!