2 killed in Roselle crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two people were killed when a car and a motorcycle crashed in Roselle this evening.

Police say the motorcycle slammed into the side of a car pulling out of a Brunswick Zone on Lake Street around 7:30PM.

The 18 year old  motorcyclist and a 35 year old  person in the car were killed.  A second person in the car was taken to a nearby hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Police are still investigating what caused the crash.

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  • piercemichelson

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  • Enrique

    Riding a motorcycle is not an excuse to go excessively fast. Ah contraire, it is an excuse to be more cautious. This was a needless tragedy. Ride safe this season.

    • A friend

      That kid was a friend of mine have some respect two people lost a life last night and it’s effecting a lot of people. the speed limit on lake street is 50 so he could have been going the right speed!

      • Gina

        The speed limit is between 35 & 40 there, the accident happened right by my house. With that amount of damage he must have going rather fast. But either way no one deserves to lose their life so young, both the motorcyclist and driver :( My heart goes out to the family, especially the young boy that lost his father.

      • guest

        There is NO way that bike was doing under 75 from the extent of the damage. The speed limit at the point of the crash drops from 40 to 35. The car was on a perpendicular path, so it had near zero contributory force. This was all on the biker, Hourigan has confirmed as much.

        I'm sorry your friend lost his life, but he made a stupid decision that cost him his life, and cost 5 kids their father. I won't judge him for being out on a bike in that weather, but there is zero reason to be speeding that fast in the dark, on a black bike, in black gear.

      • ACE


  • Eric Henderson

    Actually the speed limit on Lake street is 40mph not 50. None the less the cyclist was clocked going 80mph. I have no problems with motorcycles, most of my friends ride them. But if ur gonna ride it @ 80mph in 15° temps w/ ice still on the roadways then ur looking for death. I agree that the car didn’t pay attention while making the left hand turn, he was at fault for failing to yield to oncoming traffic.

    None the less an 18 yr old kid & a 35 yr old father lost there lives last night because of pure stupidity. Both deaths could have been spared if the cyclist was going the speed limit & the vehicle was paying attention.

    • guest

      A bike doing 80 at that particular juncture on lake would not have been seen until it was too late. There is a hill and a slight bend. I doubt either driver saw the other until the last second.

    • guest

      to your comment of the car /driver at fault for failing to yield. First There was a full size semi in the outside lane the motorcycle was not clocked since there was not any police there. the speed was even higher then you claim at 80mph keep going higher. You can look left no one there look right then at speeds that fast the person is right on top of you from the left. your last comment is 1oo% true except for paying attention.

    • afs

      i guarantee you he did not…I have known this man since i was 5 years old…he would never endanger his childrem like that

  • Aunt

    This is a horrible tragedy! A father lost his son and a son lost his father. Everyone is hurting. Now is a time for healing not accusations.

  • gary

    I ride a bike, and would never take it out on cold icey conditions, that is just plain stupid. no other way to describe it, its black ice out there, you cant even drive 20mph and be in control let alone at that speed. too bad some people learn a lesson and py the ultimate price, but in doing so they ruin other families lives. too bad.

  • Unknown

    I was there… I mean physically there and I can without a doubt 100% guarantee that the driver of the motorcycle was going in excess of 100mph! Friend or not that kid on the bike was a moron and took the life of the 35 year old male in the Malibu, father to the 13 year old in the same vehicle.

    • Josh

      Probably at the same time that people need to realize they can't just pull out into traffic without looking first. But you're right, it must have been the young punk because only young people ,make mistakes and not full grown adults who were cited for causing the accident.

    • Jon

      I got money Mark you are wrong, based on witnesses on the scene. It was a speed cycle and I am sure the 18/19 year old thought he had the right to speed, weave in and out of traffic and do what he wanted and now he has paid with his life and took the life of another and a father away from his family. A needless tragedy that could have been avoided. When will young people learn it is not a God given right to drive, it is a privelge?

  • Awake

    Anyone who rides a motorcycle at high speeds on a street like Lake is a fool. period. Stop trying to defend this idiot's actions just because he's dead. He put everyone else around him in real danger.

  • C. Battin

    I was almost killed there 7 years ago! People pulling out of those strip malls onto Lake St. do not do it cautiously. The speed limit is 40 there and if I didn't swerve into oncoming traffic, my husband and I would have died. Something needs to be done over there!

  • Brandon M

    You people are all a disgrace. Two people died and all you can do is place blame. If you want to think poorly about either person that's fine. You have the right to an opinion. But how about you show just a bit of respect and not post on the internet that these people were stupid and foolish. That wont change what happened or help in the future. Just awful.

  • a close friend

    the speed limit is only 40. every idiot drives 55 plus, there too cool. roselle is a speed trap. its still winter out there. hey, lets put the top down and get nemonia at 25 degreess out side snowing. a father is dead and all he did was take his son bowling. an 18 year old kid wanted his kicks on his bike. couldnt wait for summer. i hate croch rockets. waste of money and death. i feel for the 13 yr old and the mother. this was a stupid accident that never should of happened. i do wish the 18 yr old would have been a little smater and what a waste, he will never get married or have kids after high school. this was a tragic loss. sorry

  • Awake

    Hey Brandon, just keep your head in the sand and maybe just maybe problems will go away…..there are people that put public safety at risk and they need to be called out….killing yourself and others doesn't give you a pass…..grow up and show some intestinal fortitude…..maybe a life can be spared if someone else wakes up and thinks about others for a change.

    • Brandon M

      Do you have kids? What if it was your son. What if you read this article one day after your sons death and saw idiotic people who knew nothing about your son or his situation were calling him an idiot teen. How would you feel. And please explain to me how you calling a dead kid an idiot will prevent future deaths. Please explain, how your false name and tough attitude is helping anyone.

      • reality bites

        Sugar coating the situation for the sake of the dead teaches the living nothing. The best respect that can be had in this situation is preventing the next kid from disrespecting the rules of the road, common sense, the laws of physics, and most importantly the innocent lives they cost.

        I am truly sorry to the family for their loss, and couldn't imagine the grief I would feel having lost my son or daughter. At the same time, I'd be smart enough to see those around me have a valid point. For that matter, I probably would have seen the warning signs all over my kids facebook page that screamed "I'm not responsible enough to ride a motorcycle".

  • Joanna

    Its upsets me to see that people are arguing over this. Two people died. Two people who are important and have a lot of others who care about them. There's nothing that can be done, and arguing will not save you. Shut up. R.I.P to both of them.

    • reality bites

      Yes, it is really upsetting that people are arguing on the internet, and calling out a situation for what it is. Probably just as upsetting as loosing your husband and becoming a single mother of 5.

      If the kid had lived he'd be on the hook for vehicular manslaughter. If the parents really care about the kid, they would use this situation as MUCH as possible to teach other kids how to ride safely, even if that means accepting the ugly truth.

  • pacfan36

    i think we should pay our respects to these people and not argue and disrespect them. We can all learn a lesson from this, there's no need to try to prove you are better than them

  • Noelle

    The teenager riding the motorcycle was an old classmate of mine. I’ve known him for years and this going for everyone not just him. I am sure if he were to have a chance to do it over, he wouldn’t have caused the accident. He wouldn’t have chosen to speed. Everyone makes mistakes and we cannot blame him entirely for the cause of this accident. There were many factors that were involved and some that were uncontrolled. Both of the victims that have passed away are now in a better place. No one can control life or death. If any of you have respect, you should not be pointing fingers.

    They will both be missed dearly and are lookin down upon us.