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It’s a combination of “YOLO” and “JO” the nickname Noah is pushing with t-shirts and other merchandise, I think Joakim Noah should be known as #YOJO from now on! You have to see the Bulls live to appreciate how hard he plays on both sides of the court. I was lucky enough to have great seats for the game on Thursday. This guy plays like every game could be his last!

Joakim Noah, Spencer Hawes

Growing up a Philadelphia 76ers fan I was excited for the game vs. the Bulls for several reasons. First, I wanted to see how the Sixers young backcourt is developing. Local product Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday could develop into one of the NBA’s best in time. Second, the game was on TNT. Pro athletes know and usually take it up a notch when they are in the limelight of a national game.

Apparently, Noah was the only one to get the memo. But he always plays hard, his game philosophy seems to be the now cliche “YOLO”. The 76ers don’t really have a legitimate big man. With that in mind, it seems Noah decided to put on a 48-minute big man camp and clinic. Counselor Noah was kind enough to teach Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen the basics of the game for people over 6’10”.

Wow. Talk about a triple double the hard way. 23 points, 21 rebounds and 11 blocks!


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