Sandi Jackson pleads guilty to federal charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Surrounded by her family and with her husband Jesse Jackson Jr. by her side, Sandi Jackson pleaded guilty to one count of filing false tax returns in federal court Wednesday.

sandijacksonJackson, 49, stood emotionally before the same judge that just a few hours earlier her husband stood before and pleaded the same.

She shook her head as the prosecutors read the charges aloud and held a tissue to her face. She was charged

Sandi Jackson was  told to surrender her passport and must travel with restriction, though she is allowed to travel throughout the United States.

Sandi left the court wordlessly and hand in hand with her husband.

She is due back in court for sentencing on Monday July 1 at 2 p.m.

Download the official court documents:

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    • Mary

      Why does race has to the be in the equation? Crime doesn't have a color. They deserve everything that they get because they defrauded the communities that they serve and the american government.. I am not a fan of the Jackson family because of their political agenda but there no reason to be ignorant either. You are better than that and better than them b/c atleast you have respect for yourself and others.

  • happy girl

    This shit is priceless……. your right father father Jesse…….. "the world is watching" Family of jokers!!! And I love it!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    why do they have to wait til July for sentencing?? guilty go to JAIL NOW!! Meanwhile they get all the support they need, all the luxuries of life at home,, but wow, get caught with some weed you go to jail right away!! when is this going to stop where politicians get treated way better than us common folks with no ties to the justice system??

    • Mary

      I am waiting on the day as well. It is not fair that many people are thrown behind bars for things that doesn't make sure but crimes like this deserves immediate incaration

  • kev

    If this were you or me we would behind bars . I hope they both do at least 10 years , now go after Beavers Danny Davis Solis and the rest of the Chicago Crew and is Jesse Senior still getting $30 million a year for Rainbow Slush

    • Mary

      They need to get rid of a lot of politicals. The difference between Jessie and the rest of the politicans is that they didn't get caught. For instance, Mayor Richard Daley has been a crook for a long time now and he just never gotten caught. He will go on TV and tell you what he is not going to discuss or do. The current Mayor is following in the same foot steps. These people are well connected and Jessie and Sandi were not.

  • kirby1414

    Whart does her REAL hair look like?? She always wears what I assume are 'white' wigs – – Not in jail! This whole thing is better than anything else on TV!!

  • sadsack

    the girlfreind looks better than her hehehe..So the watch went to the girlfriend and the old lady got the jail heheheheheh seems to work out right for themn both….Boo Hoo i am so sorry i got caught…heheheheheheh way to go you N(&*^*^%…..