$2M bail set for woman charged in stabbing death of husband

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A DuPage County judge set bail at $2 million Monday for a Westmont woman who is accused of stabbing her husband to death.

Lisa Davis, 42, appeared in court via video. She is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her husband David Davis, 49.

Westmont police say they responded to a call to Davis’ home Friday night and found her husband, David, with a stab wound.

Prosecutors say Davis called 911 to report that her husband had been stabbed. “When the operator asked her who stabbed her husband, the defendant said ‘I did,'” Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Meindl told the judge.

Davis’ died a few hours later and she was arrested at the home.

Investigators say the couple was in an argument when she stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

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  • Don't Judge

    Got all the facts already there, Dan? Maybe her husband beat her. Further, there is no capital punishment in Illinois so, ultimately, you really just sound like someone who just writes whatever and never thinks about what you write. Gosh, your kind is so rare.

    • Tom

      For whatever reason, she is not justified to kill her husband. If she was being beaten, she should have left him long time ago and filed for divorce. There are other ways to get out of that situation and murder is not the solution.

      • Don't Judge

        Never said she was justified or that murder was the only solution, in fact I never offered a solution. Read before you respond with something completely obvious. Murder isn't the solution, Tom? No? Gee-whiz!

    • cousin of decesed

      For whatever reason she ended my cousin's life I can assure you that he has never beat her. We are as a family, are still in shock over this and don't have all the answers. But, I would like to ask for a little kindness.

      • llexpress20

        I can confirm that he never beat her. He was the one that was abused and tried to walk away as much as possible. Sadly this time he didn't have the opportunity to walk away.

  • sharong4

    No one knows what her husband had done to her. Maybe self defense or maybe not. She is in jail and he is dead. For a wife/husband to take one another's life, there has to be a reason, unless they are off their meds.

    • Tired of You

      Well you should get out there and round them all up and get rid of them black folks for us. Ain't no use just sitting around complaining about it on the internet. And then we'll get to see how f*cked up you are in twenty minutes from your ethnic-cleansing of Chicago. You're an idiot!

    • Tired of You

      Let's see, you have the ability to guess the "ethnicity" (I think you mean "race" but I'll let you slide cause I know you're not well educated) of criminals….Wow you must be such a popular guy at parties! You should do something with your talent besides wasting it on a news blog. Go public, coward!

  • Next of kin

    Look at the end of the day he lost his life due to senseless act. Maybe before people judge think of his family that he left behind his kids grand kids and so on. They’ve lost their dad and grandpa. She obviously did not have any regard for them when she took his life.

  • roger

    This is so terribly sad. My parents were very close to to David and my mom will be grieving a long time. He was a great guy. It was such a shock after Lisa and David had just left their house to go home for dinner. I am just happy that my mom and dad were able to give there love and hugs before things happened.

    • David Sister

      I don't understand Why! Why! We just lost our sister in Dec. and a brother a few years ago, and Now Lisa took David away from us, This way! Now I have no siblings left. Our families hearts are broken and empty. I hope Lisa gets what she deserves. Maybe some day I can find in my heart to forgive her. But right now it can't happen. I will pray for her family. I'm sure they are heart broken also. David was a loving guy. Always helping someone and fixing things for them. He had a heart of gold. David I love you and will miss you Love Sis XO

      • WI cousins

        We all will miss David, and with time may our hearts be healed. Our deepest sympathis to his sister and her family. Love, from your cousins in Wisconsin

      • llexpress20

        I had the pleasure of knowing David. He was a kind hearted person, always there to help. He didn't deserve this and I also hope that Lisa gets all the help that she has needed for a while now. I also hope that David is at peace…and does anyone know what happened to the dogs?

  • Sister

    I thank everyone for their thoughtfulness and kind words. We have no news as of yet on a service His sons are trying to find out if there was any insurance. As for the dogs My one daughter is trying to get them from the shelter and finding good homes for them. When I find out any information I will let you know. Thank You all again! David's Sis

    • llexpress20

      I couldn't get any info on the dogs. I did try getting to them or at least finding out about them that night. I'm concerned because the little one has seizures. Please let me know if there will be any services.

  • Next of kin

    Thank you to everyone the nice comments about my dad. This has become a very trying year already and now I’ve lost both of my parents in less than two months. Us kids are trying to wrap our heads around all of this. It just seems all so unreal and very painful

  • Cynthia harris

    My uncle was a great man. He would give you the shirt off his back. He did not deserve the abuse she gave him nor the way he died. I pray for her family and I hope she gets the help she needed a long time but pays for taking my Godfather and uncle away from me! I miss his voice and his phone calls

  • Sister

    No News yet! The one dog was adopted the one with seizers And the other someone was interested.
    My daughter was able to see them and play with them. They are doing great. We are trying to find out a way to have a memorial, With no money it's hard

    • llexpress20

      I am happy to hear that she was adopted..I wish they could have stayed together. Those two dogs were quite the pair. As far as money, didn't they have a car that was just paid off? It might have been in her name only, but they were married. Since this was a crime, can't the car be sold to help pay for services? Just an idea, but it doesn't hurt to ask someone how that can work. The car can easily bring in 5000-10000 dollars.

      • David Sis

        OMG! What A mess! The kids have to hire attorney to go to court to get Ins Money Cause it's in that woman name. She kills him and she has more rights that my bother who she stab to death. I am so heart broken that he is still not put to (REST) So i'm sure that dam car she drove she still owed on it. Like everything else. What a lot of stories I'm hearing. As for the dogs The people who adopted know each other, from the shelter. Better home then what they had with Lisa. Davids Sis

      • llexpress20

        From what I understand that car was just paid off. It might be something to look into to help out.

      • Davids Sis

        Sorry! I am having such a hard time. I have not heard from my nephews or niece yet. My nephew tried to get his Dads personal stuff and the man who manages the place won't let him in. We are at a stand still. I just want to put David to rest. I'm sure Lisa's family gets to see her. But us we are dealing with Crap.

      • llexpress20

        That is not true. There has been contact with David's son once and no return phone calls since. I believe that some stuff is left, but Lisa's family cleaned the apartment up. There was a trailer that David spoke of, it was somewhere around where he used to live and it had some of his stuff in it.

      • Sis

        Wow I thank you for the info. I don't know why I'm left out. I guess they are busy. Won't bother anyone anymore.

  • niece

    Between my husband and I, we lost four family members last year! I knew my aunt was terminally ill and had the opportunity to hug and kiss her before her death in December. Lisa took that same opportunity away from me when she TOOK my uncle's life! I am still trying to make sense of all of this. With my aunt passing from cancer, I sort of knew how to comfort my mom. With the way Uncle Dave was taken away, I am so lost! How do you comfort your mother after losing her only surviving sibling to murder! I will pray that Lisa gets the help she so desperately needs-she has to want it! I also pray that she gets what she deserves! My entire family is struggling with this! Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers!

  • Cynthia harris

    I just hope that whom ever has my uncle’s things, please think of his family I know I would like something of his, to hold on to. This is a tough situation for everyone but I would like him put to rest soon.

  • llexpress20

    Someone needs to contact the owner of the building to get any stuff that is left, it won't be there much longer. David's son has the number.

      • Sis

        Finally! A Memorial for David is 4/13/13 4-6PM At Grace Lutheran Church at 200 N. Catherine Ave.
        LaGrange Ill That is where David worked for many years. Thanks to the Church, My Husband and I we finally got him out of the morgue. He will be at Peace soon. I would like to Thank everyone for their Prayers and support,
        these last few months. I don't know what we would have done without all of you. One thing Wonderful came out of this tragedy. It is that we are finally united with his sons again. My husband and I are thrilled to be part of their Family again David's Sis

      • wisconsin cousin

        That's wonderful! Finally some peace for David. Due to the recent ice storm (and another to come) Russ and I will not be able to attend. But we want you to know that you and the family are in our thoughts and prayers.

      • Sis

        Thank You For all your support I will send a Memorial card to you. I'm sure he will know you all
        are thinking of him. Love you all Sis