Third Clemente High School student killed in shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The community at Roberto Clemente High School is mourning the death of a third shooting victim in three months.

Third Clemente High School student shot and killed

Frances Colon, 18, shot and killed Friday evening

Chicago police say 18-year-old Frances Colon was shot in the back and killed, Friday evening.

They say the honor student was not the intended target.

The shooting happened in the 1100 block of North Pulaski.

Investigators say the killer was shooting at another person, who was running away from him.

Colon’s mother said she has anger in her heart dealing with her loss.

“Taking the money I saved for her graduation, now I have to bury her,” Dorothy Payton said.

No one has been arrested in Friday’s shooting.

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    • Praying

      Yes God, that is exactly what I prayed for this morning! We really need to come together. This city, this state, this country needs prayer in addition to the National Guard. The Devil is really busy during this time. Let's come against all things that are him. Be Blessed…..

      • Juan

        Let's make this clear that the National Guard would be for Chicago only. We suburbanites do not have these problems. In addition if I were the Clemente Family I would ask to withdraw or change this school's name. It does not represent what Roberto stood for.

      • Kay

        uhh didnt a guy just push a young lady out of the car in a suburban city? But you guys dont have those problems. Who said the suburbs was off limits to crime? Cause they clearly Do Not read the news. IJS

    • evee23

      Sorry to say this but Chicago is slowly turning it to Detroit. All the violence going on, the schools they want to close, taxes being high and all the corruption. How are the kids suppose to be entertain after school if schools are being closed and funds being cut. The violence going on since last yr. kids being involved if the city doesn't have enough cops patrolling due to 1. no money to hire more cops and 2. not meeting what they want. if the city wasn't so corrupted with the " politicians of chicago" "who want a change" why don' t they cut back on THEIR checks for the city. Are they? hell no. Why? Cause its CHICAGO…the corrupted city with the money suckers

  • humboldtwriter

    Need more cops in 11th District folks. Been sayin' this for years. A patrol once in awhile is less effective and less preventative than a patrol every 20 minutes. If you drive around this area, you will see vacant lots filled with debris, vacant houses and garages that need to be boarded up or torn down, and tons of gang graffiti. Hmmmm. I wonder WHY gang-banger scum can get away with shooting people dead? Plenty of places to run, hide, plan and traffic.

  • k knoble

    its time for the people being hurt by this gang shootings to start taking photos on their cell phones
    and sending the photo in to the police when they happen to see a crime being done only if
    people care about getting the garbage out of a community will you see things change


      so true they take pics and video the ridiculous fights and get millions of likes on youtube but you never see them show anything regarding helping put away the people who harm others….grow up and stop the killings…

  • Todd Pardee

    If you want to change the constitution, why don’t you change the part that allows these gun toting gang bangers to hang out on the street selling dope and shooting each other?

  • West Sider

    Not surprising. This is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in West Humbolt Park, about two blocks from Orr High School. Why would anyone be walking around there?

  • Ms. Scott

    It is time we stop killing our future. Frances was a great person and a great student was getting ready to graduate and go to college.

  • Dan

    Pray to whomever you want to make you feel better. Have gang bangin Saturdays in humbolt park…last guy/girl standing wins. Then instead of going to jail they get deported.

  • sugarbabe

    For every young thug who is killing people, the parents need to be jailed. They know their sons are gangbangers. It does not effect them until one of theirs get killed. Then he was a " good child"." He was not in a gang". These are lies from the pitts of Hell. Start putting these parents in jail. They crreated these " monsters".

    • Don

      Yep. Almost every time something like this happens, we get to see video of dey babymomma wailing about how "he beez a goot boy who was jes turnins his lifes around"

      Nome sain'?

  • Richard Franco

    I graduated from Roberto Clemente back in 1990 supposedly when it was a lot worst, Doing ROTC and attending School at 5:30 am and going straight home after School were keys to my success. I urge young students to stop hanging around the School and remember what School is for and that's to learn. I trust every shooting or killing does not relate to this story so my condolences go out to the family for there lost. Cops can only do so much, the truth of the matter is we need to stay focus of our surroundings and get off these Cell phones, Ipods and other devices and block our sense of seeing whats around us.

  • Mz.Sjohnson

    I want to first start off by saying that my heart go’s out to her family. Frances will truly be missed. Why the NEWS not all over this like they is about the other 2 girls from the southside. Frances was Smart n Innocent just like the other.God will heal all…Salena keep your head up, n I pray for the whole Colon family.

  • derrick williams

    Black people wont do a DAMN thing about it. Where is Jesse NOW. LOUIS Farrakhan wont speak out. We need the DEATH PENALTY on theses monster. and their parents. We need to say we want there animals caught and hung. No mercy.

  • Caligula

    You people on the south side should stop looking for help from the outside and look inward towards yourselves. Unless YOU do something about your own problems, then the problems will never get solved. Jesse Jackson and the likes of him will do nothing for you. Marching will do nothing for you…. so stop your whining and clean up your own act.

  • sharong4

    you cannot always fault the parents. When a child gets a certain age and they think they are grown, it is time for them to go. Whether it be the streets or jail. No parent wants to lose a child whether it be for their country or by street violence. These youngsters are shooting with no regards for themselves or others. While they are trying to be slick and run upon someone shooting, somebody is going to be laying in wait, and kill them. Now here is somone else's child dead in the street. They need to round them all up and send them out to Riker's Island or send them to Iraq and bring our boys and girls home. I pray for all families with children they have lost to violence. I have 7 and I never know when it will be one of mine.

  • sugarbabe

    sharong4. Parents are responsible for their children until they turn 18. I'm not talking about adults, but about these young " hoods " running around killing people. Parents should go to jail also. If parents go to jail, it will be a wake-up call for the other sorry parents.

  • bozo

    Meanwhile the "rap music moguls" who make millions of dollars glorifying the thug lifestyle are laughing all the way to the bank.
    The only way to stop it is to not buy it.

  • Bill

    My deepest condolences to the family. No gun control or cops are going to solve this problem. It starts with the parents and ends with the parents. Your children are a reflection of how they were raised. The good or bad starts early in life. If your kid misses school you get your Link gets a cut . If your kids is arrested you loose benefits. If your kid gets convicted of a serious offense you loose section 8. Hold the parents accountable. There is NO WAY a parent does not know. Maybe we need permanent group homes for the kids that really aren't being raised. We are already spending billions on dead end parents so give the kids a real chance !

  • Gagner2002

    When, oh when, will the Black and Latino communities admit the gross deficiencies in their culture, blame themselves and ask for help in changing their cultures, which are cancers upon America?

    How about complete voluntary birth control for 5 years, to give us a break and let us start to try to get ahead of the power curve on dealing with these issues?

    And, when will our President walk down the street on the South Side and call out the punk gangbangers, then put troops in armored personnel carriers on the street to enforce sundown to sunup curfews and to shoot on site any of these feral beasts that try anything?

    • GRD

      Because, that would mean people would have to take responsibility for their actions and in America, it's easier to blame everyone else. Especially the cops and the government for not doing enough. There will come a time when the savages will have to fend for themselves, because the rest of the hard working Americans will finally become sick of this non-sense. When that happens and only when that happens will we actually see some "change'. Until then, enjoying pay for their 10 children, newport cigarettes, seeing young "african-american" honor students killed on a weekly basis and Momma in the news talking about how her son, who pointed a gun at the police is a good kid, just turning his life around.

  • steveo

    yea right like I said they march then a few days latter another innocent young person but oh gives us more federal money so we can buy more drugs

  • x-ray

    Stop calling it Gun Violence. Its GANG Violence . Stop the gangs and will need no guns…
    It's all about drugs and making money without working for it…

  • stave haynes

    Pistol packing punks thinking that they are 'hard', grew-up watching too much tv and listening to rap/hip hop music wannabes,,Please grow your little Childish beer-belly-weed smoking fat-flat a**es up ,killing innocent people with your selfish-brainwashed booty-licking self!