Halvorson taking on NY Super Pac who’s supporting Kelly

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With just eight days to go before the special primary to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., at least one candidate is dropping out of the race. Meanwhile, one candidate still in the Illinois 2nd District Congressional race says it sounds like a backroom deal.

Despite being considered a leading candidate, State Sen. Toi Hutchinson quit the 2nd Distrcit race and endorsed Robin Kelly.

“Robin is a friend, and has captured momentum in pulling our community together,” said Hutchinson in a statement.  “I am simply unwilling to risk playing a role going forward that could result in dividing our community at a time when we need unity more than ever.”

Kelly has been getting support from a Super Pac run by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In fact, Independence USA SuperPAC has spent about $1.4 million on Kelly’s campaign. Recently, the Super Pac funded a campaign ad that criticized Hutchinson and fellow candidate Debbie Halvorson for supporting the National Rifle Association. Now, Halvorson is now questioning Hutchinson’s endorsement of Kelly.

On Monday, Halvorson offered as evidence a report published in the February 1 edition of Capitol Fax by a Sun-Times columnist. Rich Miller writes: “Robin has been running around for six weeks telling donors the key to her win strategy was Bloomberg attacking Halvorson and Hutchinson.” If Kelly knew about the ads, it would violate FEC rules,  Halvorson said.

“All of this truly raises eyebrows and questions surrounding Bloomberg’s attempt to purchase this election. So if the report is true, the Kelly campaign must be held accountable for their part in violation of FEC rules with regards to Super Pacs,” Halvorson said.

“I think (Bloomberg) is endorsing what I stand for.  He doesn’t know me,” Kelly has said.  “I’ve had no contact with his Pac.”

WGN has reached out to the Kelly campaign for comment, and they have yet to respond.

Meanwhile, Patrick Brutus also dropped out of the race and endorsed Kelly, and Anthony Beale claims he is being bullied out of the race.

Fifteen candidates remain in the race. AARP is sponsoring a debate for the candidates in Matteson, Ill., later Monday.

The primary is February 26.

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  • x-cc

    Just when one thinks the annoying political commercials are done for another year.
    Then jj and his soon to be ex fail miserably at seniors accounting practices and the rest of us has to suffer with the annoying super pac trash.
    Reluctantly, I’d vote for deb just because of the trash commercials.

  • Diane

    Has anyone notice that those endorsing State Rep Robin Kelly are the same people who endorsed jessie Jackson jr . That alone speaks volumes.

  • Mark

    How many people in Chicago have been killed by so called "assault weapons" (aka rifles) in the past year? How many have been killed by pistols? This whole gun controversy depends upon the deceit of the uninformed. My heart aches when I hear of yet another senseless killing in this city. If our politicians truly want to save lives they might take a cue from Aurora, Illinois, or any other of a number of U.S. cities around the country that have gotten a better handle on the situations that lead to this kind of violence. It strikes me that many of these politicians are either ignorant of the facts of this matter themselves, and are therefore unfit to represent, or are manipulating their constituency for self gain, also demonstrating themselves unfit to represent. Until we as a people elect people of greater wisdom and character we can expect to experience more of the same as we watch our rights as citizens diminish.

  • pagan69

    It was bad enough that you people in the Second have been under the controlling thumb of an egomaniac, who cared nothing about you. You are now poised to allow another one from another state to but you under his thumb. Stop the corruption of your district and just say no to the corruption of the political system by rejecting his candidate.

  • Philip

    I hope Halvorson wins but doubt she stands a chance against Madigan and Bloombergs money. They owned Jackson and know they can control Kelly very easily. Kelly's already bought and paid for, on the cheap actually.