Gas prices continue to rise in Chicago, nationwide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Gas prices have risen for 32 days in a row and are likely to continue climbing.

A gallon of regular unleaded now costs an average of $3.71 nationwide.

An increase of 40 cents from this time last month.

The average price in Chicago is now up to $4.10.

Experts say the prices are rising due to a mix of problems, including crude oil prices rising to production cuts and refinery closings.

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    It is just more excuses to try to keep people oppressed and to try and make our country more of a third world nation. When will we all stand together and tell the government and the oil companies( who are hand in hand makings billions of dollars) that we are sick and tired of being lied to!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bozo

    Wasn't it a co-incidence the way gas prices miraculously dropped around the beginning of November . . . you know, around election day. . . and they have been going up ever since?

    One by-product of the out of control national debt is the fact that our money is worth less and more of it is required to purchase crude oil from OPEC.

    Hope and Change . . . . for sure !

  • howard

    its an easy way to enslave the people because we do not have a voice in washington any more there was a lie told the war in the middle east was going to bring prices down , but I guess someone. Did not get the memo new world order

  • Juan

    We are being robbed big time. The politicians do not care because They get a cut from the profits disguised as campaign contributions. If the oil companies did this in China They would be hanged.

  • Keely

    What is wrong with people? It's against FEDERAL law for electronic devices to be in use near gas pumps, yet Bob and crew are RIGHT THERE as the driver is filling up. You should ALL be arrested and jailed. Have you NEVER seen the safety videos about sparks and gas stations EXPLODING? Read the warning that was clearly visible on camera. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!