Woman, 44, charged with DUI in fatal car crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lisa Elner, 44, is charged with aggravated DUI in the crash that killed two women last month near Lyons.

Elner’s vehicle fell 50-feet from a highway ramp.

Police say she was found wandering drunk along the highway and did not mention the accident.

The vehicle was found two hours later with two victims inside.

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    • only god can judge

      and real friends and don't watch their friends or family get into a car with a drunk driver either. but who am i to judge? no one, just like you!

  • understanding friend

    Everyone makes mistakes! Put yourself in her position. If anyone of you people were in a position like that im sure all of you would have been scared, and would not have known what to do… instead of being judgmental, all of you people should be understanding! None of them knew they were going to die, and yes Lisa may have been driving, its a miracle she survived, she could have died too, if so no one would be accusing her so harshly, terrible things happen everyday. Just because she was driving the car doesn't mean the blame should be put on her. They let her drive, obviously they put their life's at risk, without thinking that they would die. Sadly they did. Also, if she was intoxicated on drugs, the other women who died were probably on them too. That night could have happened differently but, it didn't. It happened the way it did for a reason. You cannot put the full blame on her.
    Everyday since that accident i sit behind her son in class, i feel so bad for him, i wonder what goes through his head. The fact that he is actually in school and not at home falling apart. It shows that he is strong, but all of these accusation that everyone is making, they are not right! It is something monstrous to live with, not only for her, but her family as well. You people are making this ACCIDENT so much more ugly! It happened for a reason, stop being so quick to judge! Your nasty comments, saying what she deserves; who are any of you to say what she deserves? She is a good women, she made a mistake of putting herself in a terrible position. The steering wheel may have been in her hands, but destiny wasnt. Try to be a little less condescending!

    • whatever

      Yes, it was a tragic accident and you can not blame her for that. BUT she can be blamed for them being left their for so long. Leaving the scene and telling cops she was just "walking home from a bar". Not telling ANYONE where they were when everyone knows she was last with them. THATS the sad part. Its obvious why she didnt say anything. Its obvious why she told the cops she was just walking home from a bar because she was drunk and had coke in her system and since she was driving and 2 people died…..well, lets try to save my butt now.

      • bystander

        I agree. If you go over the shoulda, coulda, woulda's , You will never have peace. Point blank, 3 friends went out to celebrate a grown woman's birthday, went to gang affiliated bars, got drunk, used coke then decided to leave to go to another bar. Everyone hanging out w/ them should've said 'hey, let me call you a cab"!! For every action there is a reaction and this is the consequence their families paid for these girls actions. This grl lisa has to live w/ the fact that her friends died. We are all so quick to judge, who knows maybe she can't remember. I am not taking her side, I think it's downright disgusting that she is a mother and a wife and is out doing coke and yet gets behind the wheel!! Very poor judgement. Ultimately she has to pay and live w/ this for the rest of her life and maybe she'll straighten herself out and get off the drugs cuz she looks like she is ALOT older than 44…

    • trying to be fair

      maybee is feeling lots of guilt. As far as I am concerned all 3 girls are a fault. Everyone is forgetting that all were drunk and high on what ever. It is very unfortinate that two had to die. But that does not make Lisa a bad person. She also has children that are sufferig. Sandr left behind 4 children whos lives will be changed for ver. Lisas Life will be changed for ever. Im alo willing to bet that Lisa will never drink and drive again. The families of Sandra and Michelle also will think twice before anyone in their family drinks and drives also. May the Good Lord Bless all three families as they all are victims.

    • affected

      It is sad but I totally agree w/ trying to be fair! Yesterday was Lisa's Court date, I can't find any info. Does anyone know what happened? A lot of angry people blaming Lisa but she probably does not remember, if she does and refuses to come clean God will take care of her himself. I think about those 4 children and it breaks my heart that their mom is gone, makes you think about how you leave your house and you may never return. It could have all been prevented and those people calling themselves "friends" that were partying it up w/ them could have saved them!! May the families have their answers and hopefully there can be closure. Horrible to way to die :(

  • Cazz

    You have to remember all three got in the car. Just because she survived it does not make her a muderer. What if all three had perished,then it would just be a tragedy, right?????

    • guest

      or what if one of the others lived and lisa died? Or what if one of the people who claim to have been at the bar and saw them leave, were in the car instead of one of the others. I bet there's lots of people out there who have been thinking, OH THANK GOD it wasn't me in that car, or me being accused of manslaughter. That's ok though, it will come around to you too.

      • oops

        Either way my FIRST reaction would be SOMEONE HELP ME HELP US! CALL 911! Not "oh hello officer, Im just walking home from a bar" Thats where the blame comes in.

      • GUEST

        Wow! Funny how everyone blames this Lisa grl. POINT BLANK all 3 were intoxicated, using coke and "feeling good". All 3 grls were in agreeance of who should drive, not like lisa put a gun to their head and demanded to drive. Since coke was found in lisa's possession, I am positive that is what impaired her to make quick rational decision. For grown folks to sit here and pass judgement on who is a murderer or not is ridiculous. They did take a 50 foot plunge off a bridge landing them near te canal. She is RESPONSIBLE for leaving the scene of an accident, only Lisa and God know if and what she can remember. May god help her through this and may the families of the deceased have peace and closure. My heart truly goes out to the kids and hopefully this is an eye opener for everyone who has come across this sad story.

      • guest

        A person fleeing the scene or escaping would have thrown away any illegal substances. But oh wait, someone who didn't know where the hell they were or how they got there……wouldn't.

    • lies

      And she was just “walking home from a bar” seemed to be sure withthat story. Not “i dont know where im going i dont know what happened to me”

    • just sayin...

      @Duh, she had coke in her possession!! Read the Trib article. They were all intoxicated and did coke, if she remembered, don't u think she would have tossed it? :/ she had head injury. I don't know her but it seems just.

      • duh

        I dont have to read what the papers say. She had it IN her system along with other things. THATS why she was "just walking home from a bar".

      • TRUTH

        WAKE UP PEOPLE. I dont care where and how you woke up from this horrible accident. ANYONE drunk, coked out, head injury would look around and thing WTF?! AND CALL FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not stroll down harlem to go home. Obviously she knew HOW TO WALK THE EF HOME! THATS THE PROBLEM IN THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ONE DAMN PERSON INVOLVED IN THIS STORY WOULD POINT THE FINGER AT HER IF SHE SAID AND DID THE *RIGHT* THING. SHE DIDNT AND STILL ISNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • keeping it REAL

        So easy to judge her because she is the only one alive. do u know what she is going through? do you ACTUALLY know what happened without speculation? were u there? keep in mind she did have head injury and went over same bridge. She is guilty of leaving scene but maybe she really can't remember. People are so understandably angry but it took 3 people for this to happen, Lisa is not the only one that drank and did coke alone. The other 2 got in that same car and many people saw them "feeling good". How come no one stopped them? Those of you who hung out w/ them, ask yourself what kind of friend you are…

      • Good and Evil

        "Truth"… You need a dose of education…What person who suffers from a head injury, has coke in their system and intoxicated on top of it will make a rational decision?! According to your pearls of wisdom …"they will look around and go WTF" I must call for help…yeah right. Easy for you to say sitting in a chair at your laptop …She probably ran screaming from the horror of what she saw. LOOK UP what those 3 things do to the brain!! You make it sound like she's was taking a morning stroll to go get a cup of coffee… She was clearly in shock,Eric according to the police officers that found her. What would your mind do if you had been passed out for hours, wake up into a nightmare…see the dead bodies of your friends? Yeah calm and rational would be a normal reaction….really?!! WHAT on earth do you think would happen to a persons phsychi?!! IT'S CALLED TRAUMA!! Look it up on the internet…you may actually learn something. People will continue to hate her because she had the misfortune of agreeing to drive and she survived the accident. You nor I or anyone else will ever know the state of mind she was in. If she remembered in the hospital but didn't say anything then thats a tragedy too that she will forever have to live with it. Also, No one knows what the few minutes were like in the car before the accident. Were they all laughing about the great time they had, or did someone pull out their cell phone and look at pics from the night and show them to the driver? In that split second when she turned her head to look did she loose control of the car? See how easy it is to make up stories and assumptions…She may never remember the details of the accident itself. We know that all three woman are responsible for their own actions that night…there's plenty of blame to go around. We can all sit here and judge Lisa's character and that of the two women that died but it won't change a damn thing.

      • WORDS

        "pearls of wisdom" (no, common sense). "screaming from horror at what she saw" "Clearly in shock"? Tramatized, clearly. All that being said, hello officer "Im just walking home from a bar" We get it was NOT HER FAULT.We get what ever the story is wont bring back the 2 ladies. ACTIONS speak alot louder then words and in this case its BOTH. But what do I know?

      • Me again

        It just sucks cause we dont know and probably never will. Thats the hurtful part of it all. Cant blame anyone. Articles make her sound really bad and going by that, yes people can judge her actions. Closure will never happen, not for the families. All 3 families.

      • Guest

        With the court people will know the outcome. I don't know her and I don't think she is a bas lady, now her actions are what I doubt but then again she took a 50 foot plunge and she probably can't remember. Her punishment if she is lying or hiding something is to live w/ the 2 deaths of her friends, because they were close partying friends.

      • Good and Evil

        "WORDS… "but what do I know?"..You and I know nothing…we are all just giving our opinions, agree or not…and thats it. I NEVER said it wasn't her fault…what I am saying is that there are MANY contributing factors to this accident…Theres' plenty of blame to go around is what I said. ….We have heard different versions throughout this forum on what Lisa supposedly said when the officers found her (in shock & intoxicated according to newspaper reports). So who do we believe?Everyone has been so sure of "the facts" then someone else says something else and they" know the truth" too. The truth and stories change daily. … Let the courts sift through the truth which will include the people that actually talked to her when they found her, along with the medical staff that took care of her.I GET IT! It's impossible to believe that a friend intentionally left her friends at an accident but am giving her the benefit of the doubt solely based on the fact that she was (allegedly) on coke, intoxicated, head injury, trauma, meds given to her at the hospital. How else could she have possibly done it otherwise?!! That is not the Lisa I know. If she did remember all along or at some point while she was in the hospital then it is a horrible thing that she never spoke up. It would be sad and cowardly… Its impossible for us to wrap our head around if that is what happened. However, it does not erase the evening of friends, cop friends, etc. watch them all get into the car then act judgmental and surprised that this horrible tragedy happened! Where was their "common sense"?

      • Cicero

        Well said… Give her the benefit of doubt and people are hurt/angry rightfully so but the court system will decide. Maybe this will make her never wanna take a drink snort coke and drive again though. Eye opener for all the ladies out there that have kids and do this kinda thing!

  • aquaintance

    If she was, in fact, driving the vehicle, she is going to prison for a VERY long time. Forensics will prove whether or not she was the driver.

    Vehicular Manslaughter in Illinois carries the following sentence:

    1 to 28 years
    Aggravated DUI resulting in death: Class 2 felony, Not less than 3 years or more
    than 14 years (for death of 1 person) or not less than 6 years or more than 28 years
    (for death of 2 or more persons) and not more than $25,000. The offender is
    required to serve 85% of any term of imprisonment. The court may not sentence
    the offender to probation unless the court finds that “extraordinary circumstances”
    exist requiring probation.
    625 ILCS 5/11-501(d)(1)(F). 625 ILCS 5/11-501(d)(2)(G); 730 ILCS 5/5-9-1.

    The sentence for 2 counts will be carried out if she is found guilty. If she has ANY prior DUI's on her record – the sentence will be more toward the 28 years.