Suburban twins charged with murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Twin brothers from south suburban Dixmoor have been charged with first degree murder in the homicide of a 20-year old man from Harvey.

20-year-old Jermaine Carter was shot and killed September 24, 2012 at his home at 147th and Leavitt.

Twins Jermel and Jermon McCray, both 18 years old, are also suspects in an additional out-of-state homicide, according to a spokesperson from the city of Harvey.

The McCrays face charges of armed robbery and first degree murder.  They are being held on $2 million bond.

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  • mike

    I wish they would start killing these bums that rape,murder and rob people… i think people get tired of spending there tax dollars to support these losers in prison, even after they kill there family members…..

    • Anony

      I whole heartedly agree. There should be mandatory capital punishment for anyone who has been proven to kill another human being. (Except, of course, in cases of self defense.) These low life creeps indiscriminantly kill, and our screwed up criminal justice system sends them to a country club. Do you want to drastically and immediately bring down the murder rate? Put into law definate executions for all PROVEN murderers!

  • Todd Pardee

    Quinn finished what George Ryan started. I heard he’s out of stir and at home now in Kankakee area. Every time someone gets pinched for murder the survivors need to pocket his house!

  • No Mercy

    These two boys are just a byproduct of their environment. Not condoning what they did but they're victims themselves, such a waste of life and opportunity.

    • linda

      innocent until proving guilty are you crazy the brother turned the other in and there were witnesses and my nephew was the innocent one they shot him not once but multiple times….. get your shit right

  • Brandi

    I went to high school with these boys and this makes me so sad. We actually grew up in the same general area for most of our lives. They used to be so sweet. We got to high school and yes their environment got to them. I don't know if they killed anyone, but for them to even be accused makes me sad. To all who immediately condemn them shame on you because you don't know their story. I mean not everyone from my area turns into this but I can tell you it is pretty common. How about you come help stop this from happening. This could be anyone from anywhere. Teach kids better so they'll do better.

    • Lee

      I totally agree! We need to be harder on people who murder but we also need a better education system that, as you say " Teach kids better so they'll do better". A good education is the best defense to most of our worlds problems yet we push it under the table when it comes to funding. Lower class size to 15 and increase teacher support and you will see a drop in crime, obesity, intolerance, and most of our major world issues.

    • linda

      this has nothing to do with teach them better you teach them better as a child not as an adult they knew better and to think my nephew awoke from his sleep to answer a door to never live again our you to say he is a product of his enviroment? yall talking out loud but listen to your self .. your environment does not make you commit murder that is a thought first then a action so educate your self they did this because they were greedy.



  • erica

    i also went to school with these boys and they were so sweet,, inocent until proven guily is correct them being accused is sad, i didnt know jermaine carter but rip to him, and its trully sad i swear it is smh.

    • linda

      you are right you didnt know him he was my nephew and he too was a sweet person and the way they took his life was so wrong and you say innocent til proven guilty well one told on the other and there were witnesses so they are guilty….

  • Guest

    Is there a stable family life. You can have the best education in the world and if you don't have a firm family background it doesn't mean much. You have nothing to hang on to when the going gets tough.
    Family of any sort in addition to better jobs/education is a good combination.

    • linda

      baby please i grew up with out a father have an education i have a job i am not out stealing nor killing to get it so yall need to stop thinking and making excuses for them they knew what they were doing and why they were doing it dont condone it that is what you are doing

  • Concerned mom

    I Watched these boys grow up and it's sad to say that I knew they were gonna end up in jail someday because that's all they know. Just about all of there older brothers have been locked up and there mom was hardly ever at home to watch over them. Unbelievingly this wasn't the first person they have done this to.