2 men charged in Hadiya Pendleton’s murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two men have been charged in the murder of 15-year old Hadiya Pendleton, Chicago Police announce tonight.

men-charged-chicago-teens-deathMichael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20, both of Chicago will be charged  with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery with a firearm.

They will appear in bond court tomorrow morning.


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  • Patman58

    Just once I'd like the police department to turn those two over to the families. Let them get tied to the back of the each of their cars and yank them apart. I guarantee that would end the ridiculous violence that happens every day in Chicago. And for once justice would be served

  • Mittchiel

    Praise the Lord, giving all the glory to God in Jesus name. This great news. They should get the death penalty for taking this young girl's life.

    • Sam

      Of course great work! Hundred hours of overtime pay given to this case at the expense of the taxpayers. This case is being covered too much by the media, sensationalized and glorified. How about the victims of gun violence prior to this, are they less important?
      Next case please!

  • larry

    hope god can have mercy on they soul it not the kids it they up raising they dont know how to love cause if they knew than they wouldnt killed they would love they brothers and sister

  • Angry parent

    These guys made a bad decision and they said "I am sorry". This is an unfortunate event
    And that apology will not bring back Hadiya its time to make change.

  • Alan

    These vermin are worse then animals, these black pieces of excrement kill for the sport and fun of taking black lives. They need to be tortured in the worst way and be made to suffer an excruciating slow death. That's what they deserve…

  • Hanck Kranck

    This is what happens when you abolish the death penalty!
    Now these guys will get free room, board, clothes, food, sex, drugs, medical care, etc. at the tax payer's expense when they go to prison for the rest of their lives!
    BTW: Before any of you start the "liberal/conservative-democart/republican" debate, let me remind you that both sides had governors that abolished the death penalty in other states. Look it up!

      • messyjacksonjr

        you are such an a-hole,a talented young lady has lost her life and two other families are going to lose their sons to senseless violence and somehow you seem to find humor about this situation.The very next time you need healing and comfort in a bad situation i hope you find the same sense of humor,,you fraekin low life

  • messyjacksonjr

    Remember one thing peopleThe city of chicago has a high percentage of over turned convictions,lets not rejoice until these young men get their day in court.CPD had to make an arrest and do it quickly because the world was watching.If they had witnesses all along what took so long to make an arrest?I hope these are the right guys that they have arrested and not just some randon THUGS that are being thrown under the bus to make McCarthy look good,cause we all know what wouldv happened had an arrst not been made,he wouldve been thrown out with the trash like Jody Weiss

  • supt McCarthy

    my men did a good job,they were tired and ready to get some sleep so i told them to arrest the first person of interest and charge them with murder cause Emanuel and Obama is breathing down my neck.we did that,beat a confesson out of them,had a press conference,now i can get some sleep so i can get some for my photo opp with Mr.Obama when he comes to town on friday

  • jcred

    I am so gld they caught the people that killed this girl. The question I have they got these 2 guys in less than 2 weeks but the 520 that were killed last year not one has been caught. So if you get shot and killed in chicago just make sure it is close to the Presidents house then they work to get the killers!!!!!!!

  • Anthony McCall

    It is a shame that when I read the comments it was about killing and saving the tax payers money. Have any of you thought about love your enemy as well as your friend? Think what Jesus would want you to do. No matter what happens to these two young men we are not to judge. the holy spirit is the judge. As long as you are not willing to forgive, life will be complete hell for you. Remember killing these guys will not bring the victim back. Any one that can speak of killing doesnt have faith in your savor. Now is the time to test your faith and killing isnt the one to solve this problem.

    • Latricia

      I have faith in what is right and killing anyone is wrong! Justice is such a fleeting thing people we have to PRAY, and the PRAY and then PRAY some more for our loved ones and yes even our enemies.

  • Latifah

    Hopefully Justice will be done,CPD made a quick arrest in this case. They should put forth the same effort in all the other cases where people have been killed in Chicago.