Visitation for Hadiya Pendleton, 15, today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Services began today for 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, whose shooting death has drawn national attention.

With a line stretching down the block, mourners began gathering outside the Calahan Funeral Home well before the doors opened at 2 p.m. Mourners who entered the funeral home were met with a new painting of Hadiya Pendleton.

The 15-year-old girl was shot to death last week on the city’s South Side, and has since become the face of gun violence that plagues the city and the nation. First Lady Michelle Obama will attend tomorrow’s funeral.

A family spokesperson said that the family graciously appreciates the first lady coming tomorrow. The spokesperson also said that Hadiya Pendleton’s parents will not be making a statement because they want the focus to be on Hadiya, an honor student at King College Prep.

Pendleton had recently participated in the president’s inaugural festivities in Washington only one week before she was gunned down about a mile from Obama’s home in the Kenwood neighborhood.

Mourners have been paying their respects all afternoon. Many are from the neighborhood and say they feel like they’ve lost their own child.

“It’s one of their own and they want to come out and support the family,” said Marlene Hughes.

The vast majority of those paying their respects do not know the Pendleton family personally, but want to show their support.

“I had two family members lost to gun violence, so I came out here to show my respects, because I know what they’re going through,” said Ricky Armstrong.

As for catching Pendleton’s killer, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says police have made progress, but so far, no arrests have been made.

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  • Cami

    Such a horrible and tragic loss! My thoughts and prayers are with Hadiya's family, friends, and classmates as they grieve and prepare to say good-bye to her tomorrow. One thing I do know for sure — God knows who is responsible and I pray that He will move mightily to bring the murderer to justice soon before another innocent life is taken. RIP Hadiya and may God comfort your parents and loved ones.

  • arubatom

    I am plain sick of worthless punks killing innocent people, especially a person like this that had a whole bright future and life ahead of her. I think it's time for the CPD to send these punks to their maker when they get the drop on them…..these gangbangers don't care about their own lives, so why should they be allowed to take innocent lives withthem!!!


    Michelle is here..Jesse is here all we need now is for Al Sharpton to come aboard and we got one helluva combination…Da Good..Da Bad and Da Ugly.They wanna act like they in they wild wild west…lets show em what they up against…put pressure on all the drug dealing gangbangers in the city and soon somebody gonna start talking,especially if they looking to get a fist full of dollars

  • Sunny

    The culture of gun violence, gangs and selling drugs is glorified by hip hop and the media. Guns don't kill people, if they take the guns away, idle delinquent people can still knife someone to death. People should learn to control themselves otherwise you just have to call them animals. Where were the parents of these two boys who killed this innocent girl? The police caught them going to a strip club and they both knew that they killed an innocent girl but they didn't even care. May God have mercy on the USA!!!