Feds offer Jacksonson Jr. plea deal with jail time: Report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new report suggests federal authorities have offered former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. a plea deal that includes significant jail time.

The Sun-Times says the offer is now on the table.

Jackson is being investigated on allegations that he misused campaign funds.

The Sun-Times also reports that Jackson’s wife, Sandi, feels like he threw her under the bus now that she is being investigated separately.

The scrutiny into Sandi Jackson includes claims she had access to her husband’s congressional money.

She resigned as Chicago’s seventh ward alderman last month.

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  • Crackers on Crack

    I bet the racially biased white trash are all over this one and don't even think or comment at all about the white coke-head salon robber or Rep Schock. Whites are/were a bunch of monkeys too. Thanks for the the theory Darwin and thank DNA for the proof!

  • Thomas

    Just because they have children there should be no lenient jail time for Sandi. If you broke the law, you must face the consequences. There cannot be a message sent if people break the law AND have children they get to skate. This was longtime coming for JJackson Jr. Fitzgerald should of waited until he bought the seat from Blago – because he obviously was. But Fitz was under the law of Madigan who wouldn't let him arrest Jackson then…………. Next up – Go after Madigan!

  • Larry

    I called this from the beginning. I'm bipolar and when I heard he was being hospitalized for it, I knew it was BS. When you are diagnosed with bipolar then give you medication and see how it works. Then the meds are adjusted. None of this requires 30 days at the Mayo clinic. He was hiding there while his attorneys were trying to make a deal.

  • Real World

    I totally agree with you larry and i was just wondering why no one else even said anything and why would the press even
    say that. He is the only one in the world that is suppose to be bipolar and see a docter twice a day.