Boy, 15, arrested for 19th time

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

arrestJesus Castaneda, 15, has been charged with armed robbery after he held up a man just two-miles from his home, police said.

This was Castaneda’s 19th arrest, and his second gun-related charge, according to police. He was arrested last August for unlawful use of a weapon.

At about 12:15 a.m. Saturday, Castaneda robbed a man at gunpoint in the 6300 block of South Francisco Avenue in the Marquette Park neighborhood.

The victim of the robbery knew Castaneda by the nickname, “Little Rowdy.”

Police have had “several encounters” with Castaneda. They picked him up Wednesday afternoon in the 7500 block of South Phillips Avenue.

Castaneda is due in court Thursday.

By Sean Boswell, WGN-TV

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    • becker

      Maybe we'll get lucky, he tries to hold up the wrong guy, and gets blown away. Will save us hundreds of thousands in future court, police, and prison expenses.

  • mcpb

    Smh our system sucks and our lame president will reward him with citizen ship along with the rest of the illegals that break our laws………

    • Tired of Stupids

      Are you from the US? You're sound like an idiot and you need to get an education. The president does not make laws…he is not a legislator. Dumb ass!

      • Tired of Stupids

        Oooops. "You sound like an idiot…" Doh! Perhaps I need an education on proofreading but at least I know how my government works.

      • pissed american!

        oh get off your high horse buddy! you know damn well what "tired of stupids" was saying, and btw u are probably what his name is referring to. you sound pretty dumb yourself dude!

      • Tired of Stupids

        Ummm… i believe 'Tired of Stupids' was admiting to poor grammar. Notice how the name is the same as the one who posted the comment in which he/she replied to…. I suspect that 'Tired of Stupids' would be referring to people like you.

  • Don

    And if anyone makes any negative comment about someone 15 years old being arrested for the 19th time, they will be deemed racist. Plus the kid will more than likely end up on Oprah and get a free ride through college while maintaining his career of crime. Mark my words.

    • Guest

      You are correct. I would also add that his family should be cut off All Public Assistance. Since they do not care what he does we shouold not be rewarding them.

      Here is how I see a new law:
      (To show I am not all heartless)
      1st crime: Lose PA for 6 months
      2nd crime: lose PA for 1 year
      3rd crime: Life time lose of all PA
      * Note this to apply if Any family member commits a crime- mom, dad, kids.
      **If the crimes are violent – Skip to step number 3.

      Don;t give me the old line that they will turn to crime to support themselves- they already are committing crimes and we are paying them to do it.

      If Little Johnny cost them their free ride you can bet they would have a word or two with him.

  • cdm

    This kid should not be free to roam the streets, but in juvenile detention at the least. The comment above about the President rewarding him with citizenship is an ignorant statement. Nowhere does it state he's illegal.

  • kelbo

    the kid is about to have a nice reality check. the jail says check your guns at the gate. he not about to be that tough in jail without his gun. punks like him should get a five year mandatory sentence. what the hell is a lil kid doing out at midnight on a school night. he wanted some trouble anyway. its midnight , do you know where your kids are ?

    • sumday

      you act like this kid is scared to go to jail. I'm betting jail is where most of his family and friends are. A normal person would not want to go to jail so I understand your statement, but what you don't seem to grasp is these are not normal people. These are people who hang out with other gang memebers and other criminals. jail is were they go to regroup and scheme. Many jails are filled with family memeber or gang memebers so for some of these punks it's like a reunion when they go to jail.

    • Don

      No, he beez the one who just beez turnins his lifes aroun, and now his baby mama be all wailing out loud, "My baaaby, my baaaby, he beez such a goot boy."

  • Anonymous

    Seriously!!!! The comment about being on opera getting a free ride to college …… CLASIC!!!! LOVE IT!!! AND U ARE 10000000% RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Someone is gonna feel sorry for this pc of crap and give him the world!!!!! PAAALEESE!!!!!! What about the good honest kids out there busting their behinds to get things ? Why doesn't opera give them the world for doing good????????????

  • Arahm

    We (Chicago) has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation; but its apparent nothing is really being enforced on the criminals … they only want to handicap the law-abiding and go after our legal guns.

    • Jan

      Its really not about the guns but the person who has access to it. Lay a gun on a table or drop it on the floor and it won't fire, its that safe. Its the irresponsible person who has no knowledge of gun safety. The right to bear arms is greatly misunderstood and abused. The constitution should be amended.

      • Ben

        No… The right to bear arms should not be amended… That would be like the 18th amendment and how crime rose with the outlawing of booze. It would make things worse…
        The reason we have such an amendments is so the government (In relation to the British) can not just trample out rights. When citizens lose the rights to fight for rights we lose our powers that the constitution has reserved to the states (and some cases this applies) or to the people. Granted back then the weapons technology has evolved. I am all right with a limit on magazine capacity but not for the taking away "assault weapons" any weapon hand gun, rifle, or shot gun can be used to assault some one. In some cases a shot gun can do more then a rifle. When you take away the 2nd you open the door for the government to use force to enforce its unjust laws. Taking away guns is not the answer.
        I know what the extent of the bodily damage a AR15/M16 can do. You want to know why? Easy I deployed to both current wars. Maybe it`s better to teach kids the safe use of weapons. Have some one shoot a ballistic gel dummy with fake organs and say "When you use the weapon on people. You carry the weight of causing horrific consequences."
        The original intent of the amendment has been abused but it does not specify the types. So as the constitution is as, banning assault weapons violates the 2nd amendment.
        As for amending the constitution good luck on that the process was made to be a drawn out one so an elected official can not trample out rights in the first place.

  • jeff

    hey it goes like this shorty wanna be….. shorty is gonna be…… shorty wanna be a thug………. im sorry did i just quote a song that 2 pac made when i was a teenager…. geee……….. but i thought he was a good guy???????? it is the fantasy of useless minds want to become and not want to work in pain for ……….

    • Marty

      Well being out at that time of the morning with a City with a curfew law, maybe the parent should be arrested and both go to prison.

  • SDTangler

    Media: "how to we stop the violence, Chicago's the #1 murder capital of the US!"
    Common Sense: Throw little punks like this in jail for a long time.

  • Brian Millersmith

    Little bostriches should just be euthanized. After their second offense. They've already shown they cannot be productive parts of society and will only be a burden to us all.

    • pissed american!

      I dont know about killing the kid, but something needs to done for sure! but, some people are unable to reform…if thats the case, hell yeah CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!

  • Sadsack

    There is your illegal lien with a gun….great dems…what next arrested 20 ….the kid was kick at …..just shot the little bas…….

  • Johnny Boy

    Next time somebody might have a gun and kill this kid. Then the parents will scream. But now they surely don't care otherwise he wouldn't have been arrested 19 times in his 15 years.

    • Goodguyswon

      It's 12am and he's out committing armed robbery. Obviously the parents don't care or threw this loser out once he turned 18. Put him back out on the street, he'll be killed before he reaches the ripe old age of 21 and the problem will be solved.

      • Goodguyswon

        "and will throw this loser out" To much editing made me lose my train of though. Punks like this kids have that effect on my nerves.

  • Michelle


  • Scoebby_1

    Man, after 19 times of being arrested. They ought to put him under darn jail and throw away the key. Justice System wont help him.

  • Guest

    His SECOND weapons charge in a city that bans them. I thought bans stopped guns from being used illegally(rolls eyes)!
    19 arrests at age 15, Wow! It is very clear that JAIL TIME should have stopped a weapon from being used by this revolving door criminal more than once.
    Enforce the laws we have, & let the lawful citizens have weapons to defend themselves against thugs.

  • Monoxide

    He likes crime huh? Revoke his citisenship and deport him to Mexico. We'll see how much he likes it then. He'll be begging for mercy like a little baby..

  • teremist

    I suspect there might be a few less thugs, if their parents were going to jail for their felonies. It's ironic that I am legally held accountable for what my dog does, but not my child.

  • Anne-Marie

    So much hate and intolerance in so many of these comments. Obviously this kid (I have a 15 year old son) has some major problems. Maybe there's hope for him.

    • Don

      Yeah, right, Anne-Marie. Let's molly-coddle the thug and give him another chance. After all, he beez a goot boy who just beez turnins his lifes around, nome' sayin' dawg? <eye roll> Get with reality, Anne-Marie!!!! At arrest #19 at age 15, it's highly doubtful there's "hope for him."