West Chicago Dist. 33 teachers strike; classes canceled

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Teachers in West Chicago are on strike, leaving thousands of parents making other arrangements for their children.

After eleven hours of talks on Sunday, negotiations failed to reach an agreement between District 33 teachers and the school board.

Talks have have been going on for more than a year.  Recently, there was an offer on the table.  But the board and teachers have not resolved issues on salary, health insurance, retirement benefits and teacher appraisal.

The strike will affect more than 4,000 students in seven schools and two pre-school programs.

A board meeting is scheduled for later Monday.

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  • Jan

    More of these greedy and individualistic "educators". Stop taking the kids hostage for your selfish interests. The cities are broke, so are the states, and the federal government, so stop whining and go on with your jobs. Be thankful you still have jobs. If not satisfied with teacher's pay, you guys should have becomes doctors.The people do not wish to foot your pay increase through taxes!
    Off with your union too which fosters selfish individuals and families. Abolish all unions in this state.

    • Feb

      I think you would look smarter if you kept your mouth! You must have gone to a school where teachers did there job for the money because you sound so Stupid. Get the facts before you cast a stone idiot! Teachers will never make what Doctor they teach kids to become them, but as for the Administrators the make more than Doctors! Another thing if it wasn't for the "greedy government" no one be suffering!

  • Ryan

    Oh yeah, everyone knows that kindergartner teachers went into education for the money!!! Those rich ass teachers in their luxury cars and mansions! How much they get paid is obviously what motivated their career decisions, so any requests they made must be unreasonable!

    …I hope you can read sarcastic comments for what they are. I can't really be sure sine you seem completely unaware of your own hypocrisy by calling teachers greedy and selfish before referencing how low their compensation is in comparison to other professions. And your grasp of history must also be weak for you to want to "abolish all unions."

    So let me be clear: my first paragraph was sarcastic.

    Oh and for the record, the teachers offered to take a pay freeze- meaning no increase in pay. The Board denied it. When you know nothing about what your talking about, it's usually best to just stay quiet.

  • Bob

    Check out familytaxpayers.org. They make great money; plus all the days off; retire mid 50's with a great pension. I am jealous. The private sector working 50+ hours per week with limited vacation to try and keep your job; still laid off 2x from company bankruptcy; 401k tanked with economy so working until 67+. If I ever complained about my job I would be out the door immediately. Must be nice to be a teacher and be able to hold the taxpayers over a barrel like this.