2 women killed after SUV plunges off overpass in Lyons

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police in the western suburbs are investigating an accident that killed two women.

37-year-old Michelle Miranda and 36-year-old Sandra Frankum died Saturday when their car crashed on Harlem Ave in Lyons.

The vehicle plunged at least 50 feet from Harlem to Canal Bank Drive in neighboring Forest View.

Illinois State Police are assisting Lyons Police in the investigation.

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      • Carol

        No, did not because there was a third person, driver, who was found early in the morning. The accident was DISCOVERED around noon. I know because I was out looking for my relative, one of the deceased. The police needs to keep investigating cuz the driver is in the hospital.

      • Anna

        So sorry for your loss. One of the deceased was my friend. So tragic. Prayers being sent out to both families.

      • Nick

        Hopefully they investigate everything. Those poor girls who were not even driving and laid there for hours before being found. Prayers to the families.

      • C Anyom

        It happened in early hours, but weren't found till later in the afternoon. Very tragic…praying for her children, friends and family. 2 lives taken way too young.

    • Fran

      And you Paul are an idiot ! And not ALL Chicago drivers are sleepy, drunk, selfish & wreckless. who are you to make a judgement call like that, not knowing the people involved ?I also think that you have driven sleepy and after a few drinks yourself . These women were somebody's daughter, sister mother or aunt, so please shut the hell up

      • Paul

        Perhaps not drunk and sleepy. But texting while driving.
        You're the idiot. Perhaps you text and drive too , thats why you don't notice all the snake drivers, the bull drivers, buzzed drivers, distracted drivers, and speeders on our streets.

      • christy

        Thank you Fran, Sandra just turned 36 on Jan 23…She was Wife, Mother, Sister (her parents are no longer living)and a friend. She was not the driver, nor was Michelle the other victim that died that night. She was not married or had kids…but she was a daughter, sister and friend……If you guys don't know what happened you should keep your mean comments to yourself. Because the negitivity just makes the family feel worse.

      • nightangel

        Christy, how do you know Sandra nor Michelle were driving? I know we are all curious, Lisa had no left sided bruises no seat belt injury and no steering wheel or airbag marks. She was found completely soaked. So maybe she was actually ejected from the van into the river and thats why no seat belt or air bag marks. I'm sure the ems team who found Sandra n Michelle know if they were driving or not, from the position they were in, unless no seat belts were on;which I doubt.
        What really happened, was there another vehicle involved or not. I wonder.

    • steph

      EXCUSE YOU? they are dead don't disrespect them like that. and this is outside Chicago . surrounded by stores and very near a school . who cares if they where drunk maybe they were tired from a hard day of work trying to support their families?

    • Meredith

      That was my cousin who died. She has 4 small children. Idiots like you shouldn't comment about something you know nothing about! Also, moron, the driver was sober!!!! I hate people like you

      • looking for answers

        How do you guys know who was driving for sure? Has the so called drivers tox report been seen? It could be positive for something other than alcohol. How can you actually find out?
        I know it doesn't bring Sandra or Michelle back but may shed some closer on this tragedy.

      • CovenAngel

        I know first hand Lisa Elner and the others were drunk! My friends are cops and were at the scene that morning. Don't call anyone an idiot uness you know FOR A FACT that you are right and they are wrong!! Lia has been charged and she will get what she deserves, regardless of who her ex husband is and what type of cop he is.
        My cop buddies who were also friends with Michelle Miranda said that they were all at Juniors Bar and Grill in Berwyn when he overheard her talking about going to Mikes Luv N Music afterwards. This was around 1:30 when they left. There was a third girl who was good friends with Michelle and Sandra who was identified as Lisa Elner who apparently was found walking along Harlem frostbitten with major cuts. The cops found her hours later who clearly told them that she got into a fight and was jumped, but what she had was not any indication of a fight, more like she was in some sort of an accident. Another cop driving south on Harlem saw the torn rail and got out of his squad car to look what happened. That’s where he found the mangled vehicle. They put two and two together and found that Lisa Elner was the one that drove the vehicle off the bidge and then left shortly after, leaving Michelle Miranda and Sandra Frankum for hours without ever thinking about finding help.And…BTW…whoever mentioned that Lisa couldn’t have been driving because she would’ve had damage to her left side of her face was VERY wrong. She not only had her left eye swollen shut but also many stitches to the LEFT side of her face. Now I say, why would you so much leave your friends and lying to the cops unless you had something to hide, like maybe driving drunk and now you feel guilty so you make up excuse after excuse? She is no friend, otherwise she wouldn’t make up such a lie. Confess and the truth shall set you free, well, maybe not in this case.If that was MY daughter that died in that crash, SO HELP ME I’d WANT ANSWERS!!! QUIT COVERING THIS UP!! Karma WILL have a field day with this one! She knew what she did and she will pay dearly! So sad for the families of the deceased, may God Bless them.

    • guest

      you are so rude and your need to read the bible and do some soul searching. we are not promised tommorrow or even the rest of this day. Im praying for your ignorance

  • Annoymaus

    To all the people who are writing ignorant and plain heartless comments.. find something better to do than be hateful and rude. These women were amazing people with great families and friends and will be missed terribly. Find something better to do than be disrespectful when others lives are ruined and people are suffering due to this loss. And the accident happened early evening…

  • Cheryl Lopatka

    Very sad to leave this earth so quickly and without a chance to say Goodbye. Heartbreaking for the friends and families of these two folks. May they be warmly welcomed in Heaven.

  • NYB

    I didn't know them. They were from my home town and from what I have seen and heard beautiful individuals that made a bad judgement call driving home. Many people have done this so don't use them as an example and let their families, friends, loved ones and anyone else reading this news article not have to read these kind of cold and heartless comments. There is a time and a place to preach about drunk driving. Now isn't the time and this is certainly NOT the place for it. God Bless and Amen.

    • Mary

      I agree, the poor families that have to lose family members so fast. It is hard enough to lose people due to illnesses, but to lose someone without being able to say goodbye and I love you, has to be harder. My heart and prayers, go out to the families and friends of lost ones.

  • Anna

    The police have not released any information stating this was a drunk driving accident. Have some respect for the women that lost their lives! The facts will speak for themselves, when the police are finished investigating. Until then, keep your hateful remarks to yourself!

    RIP Michelle & Sandra❤

  • Dee

    Michelle, I watched you growup into the beautiful person you were. All of your family and friends are greving and you will be truly missed, but I know that your NONI was at the Gates of Heaven waiting to greet you with open arms. All of us left behind, will gather together to help your parents make it through the next few days. You were their shining star.

    RIP my darling


    I've followed some fellow facebooker's pages, and seen all the condolences, and the "why them"… never would I wish anything like this to happen to ANYONE. But, the night this happened, the bartender serving them even said she wasn't sure where they were but "Sandra, was feeling REALLY GOOD.. I was serving her"… so, alcohol was indeed involved and all their so-called friends, WERE NOT true friends, if they let them get behind the wheel.. no one should be drinking, regardless if they've had one or 10. Luckily no one else was hurt, but by their selfless actions and the lack of sense; not just by them, but the company they held this night, 2 what seemed like nice women are gone and their families are left to pick up the pieces. I wish peace for the families and children that are involved.

  • justagal71

    My heart goes out to this family.. this is a ver sad and tragic accident. god bless there soul they will be in my prayers.. god give this family the strength they need during this diffcult time..amen

  • joyce belmares

    sandra & michelle, 2 best friends, sandra leaves 4 children behind from 2 to 15 yrs old, her 2 year old was born with congenital heart defect. she was a devoted mother and involved in CHD babys, her children are now morning their mom….it’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I believe that some one ran the off the road…skid marks on Harlem ave. 2 girls, so loved by so many. please pray for their families who are going thru so much right now….no one should judge, no one really knows what happened….

    • KathyMarie

      Joyce I am so sorry that this tragedy happened and that people are just so rude and uncaring. They do not think about the fact that those innocent children are going to have to live with a huge void in their lives because Sandra was their life. Some people are heartless and just don't care about themselves or anyone else for that matter. I am sorry that besides the loss of Sandra and Michelle you have to endure such ignorance. I will continue to pray that God continues to give you and your family the strength to endure this tragic accident and I know God will give you strength to take care of those babies. You have always had a heart as big as this earth. Kathy will be waiting for Sandra at the pearly gates with open arms. God Bless you and your family. I wish I could be up there in person but I will be there in spirit. KathyMarie Lopez Robinson.

  • joyce

    it was not an suv, it was a van, alot more to the story, something is fishy, still bieng investigated…
    and there was another person in the van, she is in the hospital still in critical condition….so don't judge, what you don't know…

  • Brandon

    So sad and they will be missed!! What’s going on with the investigation on this third person? How come no one is reporting about looking into that? they must have left the scene if they first said only two women were involved and if so, why leave the scene? Sounds very sketchy that the driver would leave the scene of such a terrible accident! Or like something is trying to be kept quiet! Rest in peace ladies and know you will not be forgotten.

    • NightAngel

      Actually they basically always say 2 women killed, I was wondering about the 3rd person too. Well instead of hearsay, they have to investigate and be factual. The 3rd person was disoriented and couldn't even remember her own name. She too is sufferinig right now. Maybe she was the driver maybe she was a passenger. Once the facts come out the people that matter will know the truth.
      I loved Sandra very much from the time she was a lil girl. Sandra loved Michelle and the 3rd person.
      The truth ALWAYS comes out, however it DOESN'T bring them back.

  • ang

    Sandra was a sweetheart, my 6 yr old son is best friends with her 7 yr old. I drove her son to school every day. All you people who are judging these poor women are even more terrible then anyhting I can think of. Sandra was a funny, sweet, kind, loving person. I am so so so sorry for Jionna, Jeffery, Johnny and Jacob. She was so devoted to those kids, and you could see it in everything she did. I am so sorry, to her family. RIP Sandra. She and I shared the same birthday and she just turned 36 on Wed, as did I. I talked to her on Friday morning ( she lived next door to me) and we were laughing about the snow and how the kids would be excited to play in the snow. It just reminds me be very aware of what cn happen in an instant. RIP.

    • Nightangel

      Thank you for saying all these sweet things about Sandra, I loved her like a cousin. We grew up together. My Aunt was like her and her brothers aunt. She lost her mother a few years back to lung cancer, her dad died several years ago and now her wonderful brother lost his only sister.
      They were closer than biological cousins I will Always love Sandra. God bring Peace and strength to her brother, kids and the rest of her family. They are a very loving close family!! We will never understand Gods purpose in taking her, but he called her home for a reason. God rest her and Michelles souls.

      • nightangel

        Im sorry I wasn't clear. Her cousins and she were closer than other biological cousins..They are a loving, deeply passionate family. Sandra always called me cuz,, GOD, I miss her already. Her smile was so intoxicating!!

    • concerned citizen

      It is rumored that a third person was admitted to the hospital before the other two bodies were discovered. Do you personally know otherwise?

    • NightAngel

      You spelled her name wrong but is it really your place to submit her name?
      Obviously you don't have any concern for her safety.

      • Citizen

        Why would she be in danger? Most people in the neighborhood know they were all together. This was a tragedy for all 3 of these 3 young women and their families. It was a terrible accident. I pray for them all. Didn't mean to offend anyone, just reporting the facts. Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. I hope that Lisa will be okay.

      • NightAngel

        A distraught loved one, angry that Sandra or Michelle is dead could have wanted to retaliate and hurt the survivor thinking she was the driver or the killer. You don't know what people in pain can do. Not a good thing to disclose until all the facts are met. Yes she will be physically fine, who knows how she will be emotionally and mentally.

    • guest

      hey concerned citizen, seems like you need to stop judging and throwing stones. There is no reason to put this woman's name up. She loved those women and there are no facts supporting these rumors and gossip. You've just contributed to being part of that and an instigator! use your time to pray for these families who lost loved ones and the family of the survivor.

  • Sad Realtor

    I knew Sandra as well. She was very kind. I was her realtor last year. I was so sorry to hear this. God bless her soul. She had an outstanding personality. My sister happened to be with me when I showed them their home and because how nice she was, my sister remembers her and her family from that one encounter. When I told my Sister about it when I heard about this tragedy today; she responded by saying, "I remember her. The really nice lady, her husband and her daughter. Oh my God." My Sister and my prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones of these two ladies. We also pray that the third one pulls through. We know it is hard when you lose someone who is special, loving and kind. …but God will take you through this. Now the tears that are so encompassing, will later go away. With time, the memories that give you pain, will bring you joy. In Heaven there is no worries or pain, try to use that to help you in this, your time of grief. God Bless you all but especially to Jeff, her children, her parents, her brother in Bolingbrook and all of her other loved ones.

  • Tara

    R.I.P beautiful angels. You will be missed. These ladies were my friends. In spite of whatever happened a big hole will remain in the familie’s and friend’s hearts. Rude commits aren’t needed.

  • guest

    The third person did not leave the scenshe may have been ejected from vehicle ect.. noone know she was found by scene . it was a mini van. and there is an investigation going on . either way the ppl on here making thier crude remarks should stop look in the mirror and tell yourself your an ignorance to society and apologize . her children may read this and if it were your children im sure they wouldnt be pleased reading this about you. esp. from some nobody putting in thier two sense that doesnt have a clue …

  • concerned citizen

    this was such a tragic accident. i am sorry for the loss of these beautiful souls and hope that their families find peace and resolution. r.i.p. ladies.

  • Mr Smarty pants

    When I heard that my childhood friend (Sandra) was in this tragic accident, I was deeply hurt, for her & mostly her children. There were many questions, Who was driving? How the hell they went over? Lots of questions went thru my mind, so today I heard the story & it really tears me apart knowing that they cudv possibly been saved, Im sick to my stomach!!!! This story starts with a night celebrating Sandra's birthday, she was with Michelle & Lisa. They went to 39th pub & were having a great time, Sandra invited another childhood friend, a male named Mike part of a Cicero Gang known as the 22 boys, while having a great time another rival gang showed up known as the 26 gang, so they decided to leave and go to Jr's on ogden, a lil while later, some 26 showed up there so they decided to go to loving music, Mike made it there & was wondering what was taking so long it was about 2;30 am. Bout 3hrs later Lisa was found walking down Harlem when she was spotted by the cops, injured & bloody, They asked her wat happened? She said she didnt kno…….they took her to the hospital……..While Michelle & Sandra lay there…………Possibly alive…………Michelle was outside the vehicle inches away from the canal water, while Sandra was still clinging on to the passenger door. Lisa was the driver & said she was unconscious for about 3hrs & doesnt remember wat happened. Last thing she remember's is just leaving the bar…………………But if that's true when she woke up she had to walk up the stairs to go back up the bridge to get back on harlem,…………………..Sandra & Michelle lay there for about 10 hrs b4 they were discovered by some1 else! I once heard that God takes the Good & leaves behind the Bad. From wat I heard Lisa had frost bite on her fingers & had to be amputated. Wat a sad story!

  • Anonymous

    But the question still remains was Lisa drinking and driving? Was she drunk? Did these two woman die because they got in a car with a drunk driver? People lose their parents for lots of different reasons but because of booze? It’s sick, these were adults! The pain these families, let alone these 4 beautiful children will go through is heart wrenching. God bless these woman’s soul and these children’s hearts.

  • Anonymous

    It is so hard to hear of this news honestly I only know of this because of friends on facebook and my heart aches for the families affected by this tragedy. I see Sandra and Michelle were very much loved by all who knew them especially immediate family. I dont blame anyone for how they feel, those who lost these women are hurt, angry, trying to fgure out what happened. It is their right to have that information. I know because I have lost a very close family member and to this day I stil have so many raw emotions about what happened. It is the most unfair, terrible horrible way to loose someone when you dont know why or what happened…..then when you do find out you want to go back, undo the last events that took place. Just make them not gone. You want those responsilbe to pay for what happened. I pray all will come to light what happened and hearts will be comforted. It is not easy, time doesnt help and 10 years seems like yesterday. I hope the driver does remember what took place .for those who lost Sandra and Michelle, can have the truth. .If there are those that need to be prosecuted…..the truth will show.