2 women killed after SUV plunges off overpass in Lyons

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police in the western suburbs are investigating an accident that killed two women.

37-year-old Michelle Miranda and 36-year-old Sandra Frankum died Saturday when their car crashed on Harlem Ave in Lyons.

The vehicle plunged at least 50 feet from Harlem to Canal Bank Drive in neighboring Forest View.

Illinois State Police are assisting Lyons Police in the investigation.

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  • Sherlock

    Dear Dr. Watson, my comments were clearly my opinions and I never said them to be fact. And they were not that absurd if you think about it. I'm obviously don't have the closeness that you have to the information involving this because there is no information anywhere stating what you are saying to be true.
    Maybe stop taking what i say as fact and put your anger aside. Give Mrs. Watson a kiss for me dear boy.

  • guest

    I wonder what these two beautiful women who lost their lives here on earth would say to all of you ? The survivor was a dear loving friend to them. I dont think they want to be remembered this way. I am guilty of drinking and driving. whether it be a couple of drinks or more. I have gotten into vehicles with friends who were also drinking and they drove us. I no longer drink but still go out and enjoy the company of my friends. Now, I am proudly the designated driver! Please remember this next time your out. Make arrangements to have someone drive .

    • Guest

      Most logical people would want answers! And, not to have left four babies behind along with tons of family and friends. Just because she was a friend does not mean she should not be held accountable for her actions.

      • guest2

        Totally agree w/ guest. As I said before everyone is commenting on hw great they were but why not question their actions. For omeone who is 36 or 38 and hs 4 kids and a husband, she had no business out that late! I've seen pictures of them throwing up gang signs, explain that! Also drinking and having someone else drive, she put herself in that danger and did not thnk about her kids!!!!

  • 1 sad neighbor

    Some of you people are just stragiht assholes. And I am firm believer in "Jude not lest ye be judged" Matthew 7:1.aslo when you live in glass houses YOU SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.. And there is also a thing called knowing your limit all the Driver had to do was decline to drive she knew she was over her personal limit. How dare you idiots call these two women irresponsible one of whom was practically a single mother of 4 who worked everyday not to mention one of her childeren was born with a serious medical condtion. And lets not for get the irresponsible thing would have been for Sandra or Michelle to get behind the wheel and drive. she shpuld have said no because there is no such ting as peer pressure when your damn near 40 years old. ps people we are not god or gods so what gives us t right to judge anyone

    • silent one

      Lisa had cocaine in her possession. hello 1 sad naybor? People saw all 3 of them use cocaine. A mother of 4 has no business out "partying it up" just because it is her b-day. I am not god to judge but it is what it is, they were out & no one was chasing them. Families are suffering because of their actions, she was separated not divorced, and in fact did have gang affiliations. what she should have done is stay he and celebrate it with her kids!

      • guest

        Wow!The cops wife had cocaine in her possession?Sometimes good people do stupid things…..not judging,I've done my share,but this "accident"could have easily been avoided.

      • sad sad human being

        Now Lisa Elner, 44, of the 5100 block of South Nordica Avenue, has been ordered held in lieu of $2 million bail Monday in the crash that killed Michelle Miranda, 37, of Berwyn, and Sandra Frankum, 36, of Bolingbrook on Jan. 26, according to court records and authorities. The two were killed when the SUV they were in fell at least 50 feet from Harlem Avenue in Lyons to Canal Bank Drive in Summit, police said.

        Elner faces charges of failure to report an accident involving death, aggravated driving under the influence involving death, possession of cocaine, and other traffic charges, according to a police news release. Elner arranged to be released on bond at her court hearing and was released from custody soon after, Cook County sheriff's spokesman Frank Bilecki said.

        On Jan. 26, Elner was found by Illinois State troopers and Lyons Police about 7 a.m., walking near the entrance ramp to southbound Interstate 55 at Harlem Avenue, said Lyons Police Commander Brian Kuratko, spokesman for the department.

        “She was freezing and allegedly intoxicated,” Kuratko said in an email

  • Anonymous

    Ok I’m sorry. Yes, 2 lives were lost. 3 families affected. This is a horrendous tragedy. I feel so terrible for the families left behind. Those poor children. The thing that people need to remember is that they must have all been messed up, I’m sorry. If this woman was that wasted and she was the best available driver??? Omg what were the other 2 like? These were 3 grown women who I am assuming were with a bunch of other friends “celebrating” nobody with this group had sense to say don’t drive home? They chose their own demise sorry to say that but it’s true. And for the mother.. Drugs play a role in children with heart defects so I don’t doubt the statement above they were all partying hard. I have kids and we all like to go out with friends and have a good time but come on!!! A mother should know better than to act like that. I believe that Lisa is a mother also she too should have known better. I’m glad that no innocent people driving down Harlem Ave. we’re killed!! I am assuming they were headed back to Lisa’s house on Nordica which happens to be a few blocks from my house. I would not want this drunk drugged woman driving around my block! Who knows how many times she drove around like that! Most of the time it’s the innocent person in another car. Do I wish this on those women who died? Hell no! But they chose to do what they did and unfortunatley that was the choice that cost them their lives. And what a friend she was to leave them there! Were they deadb on impact? Or could they have been saved in the 5 hrs she left them there?? We will never know and that’s on her head now. Garfield Ridge will be a safer place when she is sitting in jail!

    • Reality

      At Anonymous, This is what I been saying all along. I feel horrible as a human being that these women died but YES, IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. My heart breaks because she will never get to hold her children again, people need to realized this was the consequence to an irresponsible decision made to go "party & celebrate" a grown woman's b-day.

    • Guest

      They were on their way to another BAR thats opened until 4 AM they were a block away, sad to sad thats what happens when are drinking and doing cocaine.

    • Nancy drew too

      This accident happened about 1/2 mile from the drivers home. I am wondering why 5 hours after the accident she hadn't managed to make it home. She probably was dazed from the accident – I'm surprised anyone survived at all. I think she's definitely at fault, but if she had gone home during those 5 hours and not been found walking by police, maybe she never would have been caught? Maybe she was knocked out and only woke up and started walking maybe at 6 am or so? Just wondering if anyone has more info.

  • Danny Fivek

    Sandra is my Niece,she was a very Good Mother,Drunk or not,nobody deserves to die Like that & Lisa was the driver & did leave the scene & was arrested for it,along with other charges,R.I.P. Sandra & Mitchell,Love Uncle Danny…

  • thankful

    I was in an accident about a week ago on Harlem going North at 47th Street. I wes rearended at the stop light and hit pretty hard. I beleive that I had an angel there protecting my baby girl in her car seat. She was not injured at all and never even shed a tear. So I say Thankyou Michelle for protecting my little girl.

  • TheWholeTruth

    Irresponsible drunks that should have been home with the kids they "cared" so much about instead of partying.
    Two less morons in the world. Next….

  • Ricky Carlisle

    Yeah, they were real angels alright. Angels usually go drinking & drugging with gang members.
    I do feel bad for the children. It's not their fault they were born to 2 worthless self absorbed
    alcoholic wastes of DNA. The kids are probably better off with their gangbanger daddys.

    • pissed off

      What a very mean and sellfish thing to say!! Michelle did not have any children. Sandra has 4 beautiful children whos lives will be changed forever!! They all were good people who made a bad choice.

      • Ticked

        Hey, NOT ALL MOMS ARE LIKE THAT!! I have acquaintances that party and have their "grls nite out" I am NOT nor have I ever been. Once I decided to have kids, I no longer went out. I chose to put my kids and their needs before mine. I am 39 and will be 40 this yr, I still do not go out. Where I go my kids come with me! I do not smoke nor drink and not all moms are like that. When u decide to have children EVERY decision u make affects them. So think about your comment before u post!

      • guest

        Geeez,take everything so personally?Obviously the comments weren't about you,Sunshine.Keep doing your best at raising your kids and leave the drinking,doping and whoring to the other "moms".

    • won't suga coat it

      @Ricky Carlisle, I hope that is not your real name, but I agree with you 100%, I DO NOT believe kids will be better off w/ their gangbanger dad. They need to be with responsible family members. Their dad is in a gang, and pics are up on my space. Who the hell is in their 30's or mid 30's and still gangbangs??? whatta sad life for the kids and in one of the pics the 12 yr old boy who has his own fb has his hat tilted to the left w/ his hands crossed the way gangs do. Obviously the kids will pick it up. Every one is blaming this lisa grl and if she was such a "GREAT" and devoted mother she would not have made the decision she did. Look at all her pics and on my space too, she was always bars!!

  • pissed off

    Please remember the victims families read these comments. Their children read these comments. What happened is an awful tradgedy. All 3 girls made a choice to go out drink and do their drugs. All three girls decided t get into that car and let Lisa drive. Tey had other friends at the bar that were also there with them. A true fr have saw that nonof them should have gotten into the car and let them drive ofInstead of stoing them or calling them a cab they stood there and laughed at them. The bartender overserved the girls. Can not put all of the blame on one person. How come no one called the police and stated that there was a drunk driver leaving? This accident could have been prevented!

    • Ricky Carlisle

      Oh no, heaven forbid the children find out the truth about their mothers.
      That they were partying skanks drinking and driving and doing drugs.
      Maybe they'll actually learn that irresponsible behavior catches up with you.

      • appreciate life

        Someone needs to explain to the kids that their mom made a bad choice. Do not lie to them because they will eventully find out and resent you. They have to learn that there are consequences for the choices one makes. @Pissed off, THE GRLS ALL CHOSE TO GET IN CAR AND PEOPLE "PARTYING" W/ THEM DID NOT STOP IT. So to those hypocrites I say U R NO FRIEND! Going to celebrate a GROWN WOMAN'S b-day, went to 3 different bars, got wasted and were on Coke, hung out w/ a 22 boy. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. 2 lives lost so young but they asked for it by doing the things they did. As a parent I go to work, come home to my kids. EVERY week/weekend I am w/ my kids. why? because it's called 'parenting". Your life is NO LONGER YOUR LIFE WHEN U HAVE KIDS. All her pics show she was a party animal, married to a gangbanger. when u act up and hand w/ the wrong people bad things happen!

  • Sherlock

    Anybody know what happened March 5th at Lisa Elner's court hearing? You think with my name I'd be able to just know but……………

    • Curious...

      LOL @Sherlock… I was wondering same thing myself. I have googled it up and nothing:/ I wonder if she is getting off or does she have to do jailtime. I am assuming she took a loan out on her home, not just anyone has that kinda $ to post bail.

  • me

    She has a court date today! Lock her up and throw away the key!! She could of killed innocent people too!! Stupid grow the fuck up, she was 44 years old!! Wow talk about irresponsible!!

      • keepin it 100

        Did her court date get cancelled March 5th? She should do time for drinking and driving and having coke in her possession. IF she really did leave those grls behind and did not mention anything due to fear of consequences, THEN she should rott in jail. At this point I have no clue if she is playing dumb or really can't remember. They all needed to grow the F*** up! 1 survivor due to stupid people's actions and wanting to go have a drink and leave 4 children behind. STOP makin it look like their mommy was so great. Bad decisions lead to tragedies….

      • Guest

        There was a benefit held for them Friday at Jr's bar on Ogden in Berwyn. GO FIGURE! Heard a bunch of people were actin stupid and it got out of control so they had to close early. It's a gang banging bar and always trouble there.

      • Too mature for gangs

        What did you expect? With dumb adults who are dumb enough to be in dumb gangs, do you really think going to a bar to mourn 2 friends deaths would change the way they act and view life? If that we're the case stupid gangs would barley exist anymore. I never met a gangbanger in their 40's who has a degree in business or at least has a 40 hour a week job and owms a house and lives life well. Being in a gang is just another way of saying you're scared to grow up and afraid of succeeding in life.

      • SMDH

        Agree. I just think that it's an idiotic idea of having a benefit at the LAST bar they were at prior to their death. Let's hold a benefit at a bar, yeah not very smart! Many different creative ways to hold a benefit other than at a bar, let's go get drunk and stupid. I passed that bar few days ago. It's a hole in the wall and full of gangbangers. Some people never grow up and it's a sad tragedy but keep it real, not a good idea to have it at last bar that over served them. I find it in POOR TASTE! Ladies, cut your damn "gno" and take care of your kids! These women partied ALOT, and their so called friends were part of that. GHETOOOOO

  • whats hoing on

    Well its been all most a year. Does anyone know what happened yet in court? Still wondering who the driver was. This is such a sad story.

  • Just my opinion

    My opinion she should be charged with drinking and driving. Not the death of them two. What if it was that they all survived and they just hit someone would their families want them in jail was a bad decision that they all made. Lisa didn’t intentionally kill them. They all were doing the same thing it’s just that she lived to suffer the consequences. Doing what these women did was a risk they took. All three of them suffered. I just hope that they give her a fair sentence. I agree she should go to jail but not for the deaths of Michelle and Sandra. Just for drinking and driving and for the drugs I’m sure they were all doing it. If I was the judge I’d just charge her for drinking and driving. Just my opinion. Lisa’s family will probably want her to get off and the other two families want her to rot in jail. If I was the judge everyone would hate me because I’d make it fair..