Serial hair salon robber strikes again

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A serial robber is suspected in a Near North Side salon robbery.

According to police, the man is suspected in the Monday morning robbery of a salon located in the 1200 block of North Clybourn Avenue.

Robber hitting hair salons in Chicago and suburbsPolice believe he is the same suspect who was caught on surveillance robbing several suburban salons over the past month.

Police say in all incidents the man showed employees a handgun and demanded cash, making off with an undetermined amount of money.

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call Area Central detectives as 312-747-8380.

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    • roger

      I agree. give them guns and let them shoot this dirtbag. Until people start standing up the these A-holes they are going to keep stealing and robbing. Send them a message

  • Dave Jones

    Because Obama and the lefty's out there (can we say thank you mr. Daley?) want to keep law abiding citizens from being able to protect ourselves" think this guy has a food card and license for the gun- yeah, right! And he's using the money to give to the poor, too!

    A gun sitting under the desk of any salon would be a fine way to take care of this perp!

    Be sure to let your local politician know that O'Bama's policies are going to help more of this to occur!

  • Dave jones

    Typo- FOID card- gotta love browsers that correct typing on the fly… Thank you apple… Oh, yeah- another bunch of lefties telling us how to live (and type)- just like the gov't!

  • pagan69

    To all you Grammies and Aunties harboring these criminals, it is all fun and games till one of these creeps gets flustered and shoots one of you in a botched hold-up. Boot them out you are aiding and abetting.

  • Marley from Chicago

    this guy knows exactly which salons to hit. Its too easy for him. I hope the right salon invites him in and someone lays him out no questions asked,

  • KevinCmo

    Exactly. Someone out there knows who this d'bag is. God forbid this moron discharges the gun during one of his cowardly robberies (this moron should try working for his money like the women he's holding up). Man I hope they get this guy soon… before he leaves the area or goes AWOL. Would be great if there was some more footage available to help people identify this loser. Now that the suburban salons are on high alert I wonder if he will start expanding his target area? One of these days he's going to walk into the wrong salon/establishment and get a bullet in his a**.

  • Marley from Chicago

    Dude preying on woman and probably casing the salons he hit. He hasn't tried a barbershop yet because there will be a different report for the news.

    "Hair-salon thief killed,, while attempting to rob barbershop on Chicago's North……side"

    I hope the salon owners are paying attention to these news stations and are aware of this mans actions.