Chicagoans in DC share thought on inauguration

Some Chicago-area residents made the trip to Washington D.C. today to witness the inauguration of President Obama.  They share their thoughts on the experience with WGN’s Frank Holland.

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  • Jim

    Melonie is an idiot!!! At such an important time as this, she could say NOTHING about the Obama speech, but could wave her flag and tell you about Beyonce…Unbelieveable!

  • Dan Wipper

    "I wasn't really paying attention, Maybe next year?", LOL, Melonie, this seems to why we are so screwed up. When will you start paying attention, after Chicago goes bankrupt or the revolution breaks out? What a dipshit.

  • John Lauritzen

    Does waving a flag make you good citizen? Or maybe, just maybe, paying attention to to what our President is saying and not to Beyonce is the way to go.


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