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Lotto winner’s body to be exhumed Friday: report

The body of a lottery winner who was poisoned, will be exhumed Friday.

Urooj Khan died in July after winning a million dollars.

An autopsy last summer ruled he died of natural causes.

But toxicology tests performed at the request of a relative, found cyanide in his system.

Kahn’s wife and father-in-law have been questioned, but no charges have been filed.


6 Comments to “Lotto winner’s body to be exhumed Friday: report”

    carpentersvilleplayhouse said:
    January 17, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    I have a small problem! WHY hasn't WGN or other media's caught on the fact that he died in July and just now they are dragging the feet to get the job DONE! What of the Cook County Coroner that failed to do the obvious job of testing in depth? I suppose they are to busy with the 506 murders caused by illegal gun owners and have to cover up the poor job that the police are doing to stop them from getting guns.. You have been talking for some time now about opening the grave, but when?

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