Defendants in Joliet double murder in court today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The family of Eric Glover plans to attend Monday’s preliminary hearing at the Will County Courthouse for four defendants accused of murdering Eric and his friend, Terrence Rankins.

They are on a mission to make sure Eric gets justice.  “The last thing we said to our son was ‘we love you son, be careful'” said Bobby Jones, Eric’s stepfather.

The last time Bobby and Nicole Jones saw their son was Wednesday night when Glover and his fiance, Heather Gossman, left their home.

Heather says Eric then left to give is friend, Terrence Rankins, a ride somewhere.  That’s the last time she saw him alive.

19-year old Adam Landerman, 18-year old Alisa Massaro, 24-year old Joshua Miner and 18-year old Bethany McKee are being held on $10 million bail for murder.

Landerman is the son of a Joliet police sergeant.

Police say the four lured Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins over to Massaro’s home Wednesday night.

Both men were robbed and strangled.  Prosecutors say they tried to dismember the bodies and continued to play video games, until police arrived the next day.

Heather Gossman says she and Eric planned to be married next month on Valentine’s Day.  “We were just meant for each other.  We just clicked so well and I got that taken away from me.”

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  • P. Tito

    All four sound like sadistic satin worshipers and soon they will meet their maker and they will be judged. I am very sadden for all the families involved…

    • LIL MOMA

      it took someone with no gutts, no feelings, and parents that must didnt love them enough for them to do what they did and or they just had to much leverage which is what happens in a family that dont have time for each other to find out whats going on with your children and then be an officers son wtf is going on it seems like all the crimes that are appearing to happen seem to be children of law inforcement which means ur fucking kids get away wit shit fuck no im starting a massive protest learn to BEAT THEM NOT TREAT THEM maybe you might have respect then from ur children.

  • Alayne Housley

    Wow this is so unfortunate lives lost wether u locked up or buried 6ft under this is the society we live in prayers are with you…

  • truegrit

    Why is some of this story missing? Did all 6 know each other? Why were they "lured" to the house and how does the police know they were lured? Were they trying to buy drugs? Give us the whole story. Of course this does not diminish the fact that these people strangled and tried to dismember their bodies. That, in and of itself, is horrendous. What type of people kill, cut off human bones and go back to playing video games? Where are the parents of the house? Evil, just evil.

  • shuelvr

    oh yea, it's not racially motivated, but had the victims been white and the killers black, would it be preceived as a "hate crime" ? Double standards, mmm….

  • Anonymous

    Certainly one of the two unfortunate gentlemen offended one or both of the ladies. The ladies were sure to have decided to retaliate and used their feminine wiles to lure them to their aggressive male companions who channeled the essence of their ancestors in a most unfriendly fashion. This is why to beware the company you keep. Uncivilized people are no better than animals, never mind their skin color. The poor fools probably never saw it coming. Hopefully the judge throws away the key on all of them.

  • superhood2020

    they used to hang niggaz back in the day .what kind of kids police officers raise these days. kids that think is ok to kill. I was arrested by LT OFFICER E landeman AND FOR THE RECORD THE KKK IS IN JOLIET AND STRONG SO EYES OPEN FIST CLINCHED. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. I HOPE ANY BODY WHO KILLS SHOULD PAY . COPS SONS ALSO. SINGING OUT SUPERHOOD2020. THUG LIFE