CTA pass hike begins today

The prices of CTA passes are going up today as the transit agency attempts to generate an extra $56 million a year.

The hikes, as steep as 74 pecent, cut the discounts that unlimited ride tickets offer.

The CTA base fare will remain the same, $2 for bus rides and $2.25 for train rides.

However, the price for the Blue Line from O’Hare Airport is going up to $5.

Pay-as-you-go users will not feel much impact.

Starting Monday, a 30-day CTA pass will cost $100, up from $86.

A 7-day pass will increase from $23 to $28.  A 3-day pass will now cost $20, up from $14.  And the prices of a 1-day pass will increase from $5.75 to $10.

CTA ridership has increased by more than 5 percent over the past 20 months, but the Regional Transportation Authority predicts no growth in CTA use this year.

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