Durbin ‘listens’ to top cops on gun violence prevention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sen. Dick Durbin hosted a listening session with local law enforcement officials today to focus on preventing every day gun violence in Illinois.

Some of the top cops in Illinois briefed Senator Durbin on gun violence in their jurisdictions, and included ways to address the issue.

They’re also expected discussed mass shootings and ways to prevent tragedies like the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The session’s participants included Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

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  • John

    I just saw the 9 PM news and they showed several firearms and Julian Crews id'ed one of them as an UZI, I can't decide if Mr. Crews is stupid, incompetent or deliberately reporting false news. Mr. Crews needs to do some home work. If he's too lazy get his facts correct he should be taken off the air. I know your station has an agenda but some people look to you for truth, I don't but there are a lot of stupid people who believe what you tell them, how unfortunate for them.

  • John

    You're talking about cook county. You don't really believe anything factual is going to be said by the sheriff of cook county? It's not our fault, it's not our fault — etc.etc.

  • CantStandLiars

    WGN is an irresponsible pack of yellow journalists, and the editors who allow the lies to spew out onto the airwaves should be fired from their positions. You let McCarthy tell Julian Cruze that an Uzi Tank gun can penetrate an engine block,it shows me that this media outlet is trying to sway uninformed people into thinking tank cannons are infiltrating the streets of Chicago. That is such a flagrant lie smacking of sensationalism for your station ratings that it boggles the mind to know that you will use any nefarious, and devious means to try and destroy what has made this country what it is. An Uzi Tank gun is nothing more than a small, compact gun holstered by soldiers in tanks to be able to manuver in the tight quarters of a tank with a weapon the soldiers can use to defend themselves with outside of the tank, if need be. It is nothing more than a 9mm or a .45 at most, and it WILL NOT PENETRATE AN ENGINE BLOCK YOU LYING DOGS. Why do you insist on trying to con the general public at large?

  • Guest

    An "Uzi tank gun" ? I've never seen an Uzi tank gun. The gun shown was a 9mm and will NOT penetrate an engine block as Crews claims. The only real question that remains is Crews just truly incompetent or was he lieing on purpose?

  • bbhja

    What they are NOT telling you about this news conference is what Tom Dart said. He said that they currently know of people who should not have a firearm, are mentally ill and they still have a FOID card. He made it sound like they have NO WAY to get the firearms because of the current law. This is propaganda crap (as always) from your trusted/lying local and state government. They DO have a way to get the firearms and FOID card from the person, it’s called a SEARCH WARRANT the 4th amendment dictates how it should be served. ____So the real interpretation of Tom Dart’s statement was: He phrased it as a question to Gov Quinn/state government to pass an unconstitutional law to give government and police a warrantless search to go get the firearms the criminal/law abiding citizen should not have or firearms THEY don’t want you to have. C'mon people are you that ignorant because you’re caught up in your netflix, cells phones, violent movies and internet games? Do you really believe what state local government and news is telling you? Smarten up-quit being – The Sheeple. Listen to what is really being told and what the real agenda is. Keep following the liars. example-Look at our budget? Where is the truth in that? Thank you very much -local and state representatives.

  • bbhja

    ____Read your bill of rights and understand that with a statement like what Tom Dart said was insinuating that YOU will allow (and don’t care) state and local government to pass warrantless searches/laws on the law abiding citizens (violating our 4th amendment to the bill of rights). Why is it the ignorant American forgets that the Bill of Rights was defined to protect us against the tyranny of (Then Britain) government and (Now OUR) government. Why is it that all we hear abut is more restrictions on the law abiding citizens concerning the second amendment – the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed? What part of "shall not be infringed" does government and the mayor not understand? It's pretty clear definition in the dictionary. It seems all of Hollywood is against guns (2nd amendment) but why are they not taking any of the blame? They sure are making money on it. Oh, YOU forgot, we/they have the first amendment right that allows freedom of speech and expression (which they totally believe in with all violence and killing in their movies and video games).____Get your head out of the sand and wake up and challenge/demonstrate that this is unacceptable to give your rights away. __

  • geo zremba

    Dart said there is no money for police officers, police have been laid off, no one to protect the common citizen's of our state,….. a sorry state indeed