Mayor Emanuel pushes for tougher gun control laws

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing for tougher gun control laws in Illinois.

At a rally at Saint Sabina Church on Thursday, he said tougher regulations will help curb crime in Chicago.

The Mayor also called for restrictions on all assault weapons.

The rally was attended by people who lost friends and relatives to gun violence.

Many attendees wore t-shirts bearing the photos of shooting victims.
Similar rallies are also planned.

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  • Dan

    Rahm is punishing law abiding citizens and wants us to have faith in a police force that has reduced beat patrol head count. Faith is not going to protect us from crime. The people have rights.

  • get real

    Rahm "said tougher gun regulations will help curb crime in Chicago"

    With a statement like that either he is crazy or he is high. Gangs are the problem and nobody can find a way to stop them. He should do what he does best, working on the city's budget.

  • Just Me

    Rahm will bankrupt the State of Chicago (he thinks that what it is), and Illinois by pushing for passage of unconstitutional gun laws. Hey, it's not his money. I wonder if he'll disarm his police bodyguards because guns are dangerous.

  • Ryan W.

    Tougher laws do not discourage people who are already intending to commit a crime. An individual who is about to murder someone does not pause and say "Gee, I had better use a knife or brickbat because this handgun is illigal", nor will they if every firearm is outlawed in the whole state. Prohibition did not stop drinking it encouraged it, and taking the guns out of legal gun owner's hands will not stop crime but will encourage it since the criminals will know that people cannot legally arm themselves or fight back.

  • datablade

    We could be like Australia where their Govt. spent over $500 million to get everyone to turn in their guns for destruction. Result: crime increased in every category, some by 46%! The criminals did not turn in their guns and a disarmed public turned into easy prey.

  • anonymous

    I think he needs to mind his own business and concentrate on that shithole know as Chicago and leave the rest of us downstate alone. We get a statewide ban his crime rate will probably go down because they will venture out of the city and take advantage of everybody else who is vonerable.