Police: Group stealing diners cell phones on Mag Mile

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police are warning businesses and the public of people stealing cell phones inside restaurants on and around the city’s Magnificent Mile.

Police say the offender enter dining establishments, spot victim’s cell phones on tables, and approaching victims and presenting fliers stating they are raising money for their basketball team. Offenders then place the flier over the cell phone while engaging in conversation. When the offender retrieves the flier, he grabs the cell phone as well.

The suspects are described as 3-4 Black males, ranging in age 14 to 25.  They were seen getting into a tan 4 door hard top, possibly Buick style.

If you have any information you are asked to contact police at (312) 747-8380.

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  • Tired of the Morons

    "suspects are described as 3-4 Black males". No, say it isn't so. Yes that emancipation proclamation is working out real well for society.

  • Tired of right wing

    In response to the two jackass comments above…what was the race of the guy who slaughtered 20 kindergarten children and six adults in CT three weeks ago? Or Columbine? Or the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado? Or……….

  • Natasha Higgins

    This has been an on going problem in Chicago for a long time and its unfortunate that one particular race has been targeted. I work in retail and I can tell you they never ever talk about how all the other races are stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise in less than 10 minutes and of course the threats and cussing they do while stealing to innocent workers. Doesn’t matter what color race or ethnicity, people of all kinds steal what they should do is make an article bout the high profile ones. Screw cell phones they should’ve had them in their bags or at their side to begin with.