Officers kicked out of Denny’s for being armed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Five police officers were kicked out of a Denny’s restaurant for carrying their guns.

It happened in downstate Belleville.

The five plain-clothes detectives were off-duty when they went in to eat when another diner saw one officer’s gun and complained.

The manager told them, “Either the guns go, or you go.” Even when they showed their identification, he refused to drop his ultimatum.

So they left, but the police department isn’t happy about it.

Belleville officers are now under orders to avoid Denny’s restaurant unless they’re answering a trouble call.

Denny’s has since apologized for the manager’s behavior and said it is company policy to let police officers carry they weapons while eating.

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  • Josephine Nardi

    Police officers generally have a different demeanor than the ordinary public. The person who reported spotting a gun on one of the officers obviously lives in a utopia where officers do not have to carry weapons. I personally would rather see them carrying the guns than for the guns to be concealed.

  • Fran

    No one likes a place who does not want protection for their customers, you are never going to live this down, so go on and feed you people against guns, you will see there are not very many, Idiots!!

  • Ranger

    Everybody needs to get over it. Peter's comment was at best, poorly thought out. Albeit, I disagree with his comment,but I'm not going to stoop to name calling. As far as any officer responding to any call slower or less professionally due to the fact it's at a Denny's, I would hope that isn't the case and request any police officers reading this to disregard those comments because the citizens in that establishment still need you to show up and do your job. Finally, I think the manager should not be fired even though mostly everyone here doesn't like the way things were handled. The manager should be retrained on company policy and whatever else they need to maintain their effectiveness. No public apology should be given. A private apology would work better.

  • txrver

    Most police departments require officers to have their weapon on them at all times. Guess Denny's manager thinks he has more authority than the police regulations. Bet their minds would be changed if an incident occurred and the police officers were there to defend them from the bad guys.

  • Jack W.

    The Manafer made A BIGGGG mistake.The officers don't need Denny's, but Denny's needs trhem..It may take a b it longer for an officer to respond to a problen at Dennys because he know's he's not wanted there

  • drood

    Ironically, if this place ever gets robbed (and I can assure you it will, sooner or later) the people that want to see this sort of thing carried will be the first to scream "Where were the POLICE when this was going on?"

  • Mary

    My husband and I eat at our local Denny's every Saturday morning. My husband is a retired police officer having given more than 30 years of service to the citizens of several IL communities. If this is the kind of management style that is acceptable to Denny's, we will no longer be patronizing your restaurants.

  • lisa

    Cops do carry guns, but Denny's was not in the wrong. Look at what has recently happened & that manager was just following the rules that he was told to so he was not @ fault. If you don't like Denny's than don't go but being careful should not be a crime

  • Steph

    A simple explanation to the family that complained I'm sure would have solved this problem. I think its absolutely incredible how dumb this manager was. I know many places that bring police in and comp their food and give them discounts. Why? So their protected from criminals.. I already disliked Denny's I definitely wont ever be in there now….

  • Ariel Winter

    Boo Hoo a restaurant makes there own rules, just because your cops doesnt give you the right to assume that you can do whatever in the hell you want. Good im glad there gone i might be able to enjoy my meal without wanting to throw-up.

  • Rattler14

    The phone number to the Denny's is: (618)277-1360. The manager that did this still works for Denny's; I just called and confirmed it. I spoke to Brian btw; nice guy and a little taken aback. I was polite and not accusing.