Gay marriage amendment moves to Senate floor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Marriage Equality Amendment passed out of committee in the Illinois senate tonight.

The measure would legalize same sex marriage in Illinois.  It passed with an 8 to 5 vote, and now heads to the full senate floor.

A rally in support of marriage equality is planned for Saturday at noon outside the Thompson center.

Cook County Clerk David Orr today issued a statement about the legislation that reads in part, “I look forward to quick passage, and to issuing marriage licenses in 2013 to all couples who wish to marry – whether they are gay or straight.”

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George is urging Catholics to speak out against a same-sex marriage bill.

He wrote a letter asking parishioners to call their state legislators and voice opposition to the legislation.

Cardinal George says civil laws that establish same-sex marriage create a “legal fiction,” and that the state does not have the power to create something that nature itself says is impossible.

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  • Ericka

    When we redefine what marriage is then we make the family structure arbitrary. In doing this we will, as has been already, confuse the nurturing process. Those who are homosexual have to ultimately be supplied (so to speak) by heterosexuals [procreation] thus making it that heterosexuals have no dependency on homosexuals for their existence but homosexuals completely rely on (as do the rest of us) HETEROSEXUALS to keep the population going. With this in mind, it is reckless to toy with the societal paradigm concerning what a family is and what makes a marriage thus so. Homosexuality is a subculture fighting to be regarded as normal. The fact that NO acting homosexual can procreate with their participating partner says that these unions are Anomalies and not the way things should be according to the natural course and order of things. So far the imposition of this subculture has caused school children to question their particular sexuality who would otherwise not explore as deep on the matter neither would as vigorously openly express these impulses had it not been for the proliferation in media the campaign for the normalization of homosexuality. This is clearly an attack on traditional marriage and the traditional family. Try reading "Land of Diminished Distinctions" via Amazon Kindle Store.

    • Shawn

      There is value in every opinion, but I think there is some confusion in your understanding of the complexities of biology and notedly procreation. There are a few things I would like to address. First, your idea of school children questioning their sexuality because of the mere existence of gays is completely ludicrous and almost a childish assumption. Your logic implies that the child sitting next your child in class with blue eyes will create this existential struggle within your child's malleable brain to question if she really has blue eyes. Have you ever met a straight person in your life (and forgive me for assuming that you have had interactions with living humans) who has been swayed into being straight. You haven't and that is because sexuality is an inherent quality, there is no swaying or nurturing of one that is not biologically or chemically foot printed within you. This same sort of science applies to gay children and adults as well. They didn't not jump on the bandwagon after seeing will & grace. Your blatant ignorance is creating a tumor in this nation and is destroying lives. And it is a shame that many like you hide your stupidity under the guise of religion. It is so sad that such a beautiful thing as religion has to be tainted by the stench of faux spiritualists. Also, you speak of this uneducated guess on what would happen to procreation if homosexuality was to be as you call it normalized. A world chock full of solely hetero people would become a world without resources. This is why nature or "god" has a series of checks and balances which exists in the human, plant, animal and microbial populations. Animals without natural predators need ways of controlling population so that every resource capable of sustaining life is not depleted. In living breathing animals, homosexuality has been proven to be one of these solutions. Gays don't pop out of thin air mind you, they were birthed by heteros, and as long as hetero ppl exist, gay ppl will too. Both religion and science speak to balance and cycles of life. And politics, which ppln are disguising as religion are clouding common sense. I wish that you would rethink your ignorant position. Because while you are trying to impose your unresearched, anti spiritual, and frankly sophomoric point of view, there are families just trying to live their lives in peace and would appreciate if people like you would just but out of it and worry about your own families and path to salvation. The world is a beautiful place, take of the blinders and open your eyes.

      • Shawn

        Please forgive any errors in my comment (spelling or grammar). Auto correct is not sympathetic to articulating ideas.