Obama calls for support of gay marriage in Illinois

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

President Obama is calling on Illinois to legalize gay marriage.

And the timing is crucial for state representative Greg Harris,  who looks for a vote on  marriage equality in Springfield in the next week, just two months after voters Maine, Maryland and Washington state approved same sex marriage laws.

Citing the president’s stance, the White House said, “Were the president still in the Illinois state legislature, he would support this measure that would treat all Illinois couples equally.”

But conservative Chicago democrat Representative Joe Lyons, says the president’s view won’t change his vote against the marriage bill.

WGN’s Sean Lewis has the full story.

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  • leon j.

    I URGE all law makers to stop turning there back on GODS WAYS,HE is the last person to play with.Just when we need HIS help,You come up with a blockage.Well you mess everything else up,What the HELL/////

    • OldDaveNJ

      @Leon — Just two comments. First, don't delude yourself into thinking that you are the final arbiter when it comes to Biblical interpretation and what God's ways are. Second, the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment precludes the enacting/perpetuating of laws based strictly on preference for the religious views of one group over the views of those with differing beliefs. If you want to have discriminatory laws that will hold up in court, you need to be able to justify them using NON-religious arguments. Try that as a starting point and you might get somewhere.

      • leon j.

        I Believe in GOD FIRST,and LAST////That 1st Amendment is a natural law,which is beening broken in congress right now.You should try GOD FIRST,and go by HIS WORDS instead of some sex desire.Your views are natural,IAM talking about GODS WAYS,HE is the WAY.you are talking about satan,who goes both ways,If thats what you like ,so be it,BUT DON't EVER TRY TO COMPARE ME WITH YOUR SH%%.

      • OldDaveNJ

        That's all great, but it doesn't address anything I said. You still seem to think you have the final word on what God's Ways are and what the Bible means. There are a great many people of the Judeo-Christian faith who would totally disagree with you, based on their understanding of scripture. And you calling names and claiming you are right and they are wrong simply because you say so is not an argument … it's just arrogance. And as for the 1st Amendment … well, your comment was so incoherent and lacking in substance, I wouldn't know how to respond.

      • leon j.

        You can't respond,its SPIRITUAL.Its what the WORD said,now you can go by what water down JUDEO-CHRISTIAN say if you want.That paper of the 1st Amendment is not worth two cents,These so call Judeo-Christians use the Bible and the 1st Amendment for there own personal use.Now America is bankrupt from there ideals,You most certain don't believe in GOD.But thats OK,But me I see what the BIBLE said,now you go your way,and Iam going mines.ONE NATION UNDER GOD,no more,its one nation under a brunch of demon driven freaks.

      • OldDaveNJ

        You still basically are just resorting to name-calling and claiming you are right because you say so. And by claiming you know what the millions of people who support SSM believe about God, even though you've never met or talked with them, is even more delusional and arrogant. Before you go judging others, perhaps you should climb down off your pedestal and learn a bit about humility.

      • melts

        Seems to me you are also resorting and claiming you KNOW what God's mind is. How can you judge what we who abhore evil think about this ungodly act?

  • SillyDemocrats

    I think Obama just needs to figure out how to run a country rather then urge IL to vote about the gays…..How about fixing the economy for starters…..balancing a budget maybe?

  • pagan69

    Sir Golfsalot needs to do his job in Washington before he sticks his nose in any states business. YOU are not running for office, do your job.

  • Alonzo

    How can you all be so ignorant? Very recently it was made known that you are outnumbered by at least 5 million. So go ahead and spew your stupidity. You now represent the past. This country no longer belongs to you. The rest of us will move on and leave you behind kicking and screaming rolling on the floor throwing your tantrum. You are now irrelevant, and the world is a much better place for it.

  • Lori

    Of course gay marriage should be legal. How does two people sharing their lives have any impact on anyone else- straight or gay. Get real people!! If God spoke directly to you, please tell us about it, otherwise you are just getting your information from an interpretation of the Bible. My interpretation is different and says that you should love your neighbor as yourself.

  • leon j.

    GOD said to ADAM and EVE to mulipty,Although the misuse of human sexuality is soundly condemned in Scripture,its proper use is celebrated.Man and Woman still can chose what to do with there life naturally,HE said go ahead,but thats not in HIS image,its contrary to HIS ADVICE.THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCE. America had a saying;ONE NATION UNDER GOD///////Now it says Everything goes////Me I LOVE EVERYBODY,SPIRITUALLY but not everything they or myself do,nobody perfect.But I will stick to EVE.//again LOVE to everybody///,and HAPPY NEW YEAR///

  • Anonymous

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