Sports Production Internship

Department: Production

Responsibilities: The Sports Production Intern will have the opportunity to work closely with Producers/Directors at all of our Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Bulls home telecasts.

Specifically, duties will include assisting the Producer/Director with any pre and post-game player interviews, distribution of line-ups/stats sheets and assisting the talent in the broadcast booth. They will also have the opportunity to view first hand what it takes to successfully broadcast a live professional sporting event while becoming familiar with the various crew positions/tasks.

When not at a game, the intern will be spend their hours at WGN-TV studios. They will assist with dubbing and screening of tapes, general office duties and have the opportunity to observe many of our in-house broadcasts.

Equal Opportunity Employer

DURATION/HOURS: 13-18 weeks/15-20 hrs per week Requirements: Undergraduate (junior/senior standing) or graduate students attending an accredited university.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Attention: Human Resources Mail: 2501 W. Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 Fax: (773)528-1387 Apply On-line: Please go to, click on the Career Opportunities link then Job Search link and search for keyword “Sports Production Internship”.

Interns are considered trainees and not employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1973.


2 Comments to “Sports Production Internship”

    tucson golf estates said:
    January 12, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    On sports production Internship I got some special information from this article. Just a quick note to tell you that i have a passion for the topic "Sports" at hand. Thanks the head up and keep it…….

    windowssupportnow said:
    March 1, 2013 at 2:04 AM

    Why is that Sports production Internship trainers are considered only as trainees and not employees? Or is it like after the internship the trainees will be absorbed as employees? It would be good if you could clarify on this point.

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