Chicago pastor prays for immigration reform

A Chicago pastor has been waiting for five years to go before an immigration judge.  A backlog in the system has kept him waiting to find out if he has to return to Colombia or continue his life in the US.  Pastor Walter Bohorquez leads El Taller del Maestro, a small neighborhood church that has grown from ten people to more than 85.

wgntv-chicago-pastor-prays-for-immigration-reform-20121127His story brings attention to deportations which stand at around 400,000 a year.  Illinois ranks fourth nationwide in pending cases behind New York, California and Texas with more than 18,000 pending cases.

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1 Comment

  • get real

    lets not keep these people waiting, send them back.

    But, back during The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work.

    Harry Truman deported over two million Illegal's after WWII to create jobs for returning veterans.

    And then again in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower deported 4 million Mexican nationals! The program was called 'Operation wetback' so that American WWII and Korean veterans had a better chance at jobs. It took 2 Years, but they deported them!

    Now, if they could deport the illegals back then, they can sure do it today!!


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