The Chicago rapping attorney: Jeffrey Stephens

A 27-year-old Chicago attorney is turning heads as a rap artist.

Jeffrey Stephens is an associate at one of the top law firms in the city but spends his nights cutting music as one part of Santiago x The Natural.

The team is gaining momentum, featured by Notre Dame during a September pep rally.

Their song “Warriors” has also been picked up by a Minnesota Lacrosse team and featured during several televised NFL games.

Stephens has become a star of sorts at Law Firm Holland & Knight and is known more for being detailed and focused than for being a rapper.

Stephens and Santiago are not too far from being picked up by a record label. The duo is considered some of

wgntv-rapping-attorney-20121121Chicago’s newest and best talent. They were recently named one of the top independent artists of 2012 in Chicago.

Check him out on Facebook and Twitter
Twitter: @xThenatural

Also, here is a video from a live performance.

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