Public Service Announcements for WGN-TV

If you have a Public Service Announcement you would like to submit for air on WGN-TV/CLTV please send your Beta SP or HD Cam version to:

2501 W. Bradley Place
Chicago IL 60618
Attention: Jane Hayden

Please submit the lengths of spots, as well as a begin and end date for air of the PSA

The station reviews the PSA and if approved will enter it into our rotation of Public Service Announcements.

We are unable to respond to requests for official dates and times of airing.

Thank you for your inquiry.

1 Comment

  • Cynthia Koroma

    Please trying to locate my missing 5/6/2013 Tan/Blk Pug, he hit power window on vehicle somewhere between I-57N and I 94E Irealized he had released window as I was exiting I-94e heading East. I turned around retraced my travel, always in far right lanes hoping to find him. He was 2yrs old and a runner.
    No injured or deceased findings. So cute he may have been picked up. Mike/Max sometimes responds to my other pets name, however he had a collar on "MAX" and he has an AVID chip. Everyone watches your station, a neighbor of persons that found and fell in love,may never check chip etc.I am appealing to a good samaritan to return,please. If you could do a brief or TV quick request I would be hopeful.

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